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Strategic Plan 2017-22


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Graland’s strength is in the power of its mission to foster intellectual excellence and strong character. Through focusing on five key areas, we will continue to pursue excellence with passion and intent.

We invite you to learn about the Strategic Plan 2017-22.

A great school gives every child the best education possible.

1. Program

Provide a program that brings Graland's mission to life.


List of 4 items.

  • 1.1: Cultivate intellectual excellence by strengthening thinking skills, attitudes, expertise and motivation.

  • 1.2: Develop strong character.

  • 1.3: Inspire engaged citizens and thoughtful leaders.

  • 1.4: Establish an ongoing process to evaluate and revise elements of the program.

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  • Overview

    Graland’s program is centered around academic excellence and strong character and we will work to ensure our program exceeds expectations.

    As we further develop the integration of innovative problem solving into our curricula, we will take the cutting-edge facilities of the Corkins Center and expand on how we use this space to bring design thinking beyond the Gates Invention and Innovation Program to all disciplines. Advances in technology will remain fast paced, so our faculty will stay educated and intentionally integrate technology as a tool for general learning, adding curricula like coding and robotics while teaching the importance of digital citizenship.

    Embracing the knowledge that differentiated learning strategies are essential for success, we will continue to build our student support services so that all students can reach their full potential. Our program will support our diversity goals by integrating culturally responsive content into our curricula.

    Learning will expand through new relationships and approaches. We will cultivate independent and collaborative thinkers, partnering with businesses to develop young entrepreneurs. We will create opportunities to develop a more global perspective through experiences and technology that extends the learning environment beyond the classroom walls.

A great school inspires world-class educators.

2. Faculty

Enhance Graland's dynamic learning community of highly effective educators, administrators and staff.


List of 4 items.

  • 2.1: Further develop approaches to recruit and retain highly effective educators, administrators and staff.

  • 2.2: Refine systems to assess performance of personnel.

  • 2.3: Continue to develop Graland’s personnel to support students and prepare them for a dynamic and global environment.

  • 2.4: Expand opportunities and support systems to broaden leadership skills for Graland educators and staff.

List of 1 items.

  • Overview

    World-class educators are the key to Graland’s program, inspiring curiosity and lifelong learning and preparing students for a dynamic future. We will continue to successfully recruit highly qualified employees, seeking candidates that reflect the broader community, while refining our hiring practices. Retaining our faculty is just as important, requiring focus on compensation design and the proper support systems to promote retention.

    Investing in our faculty remains essential. With personal learning plans and performance assessments, all faculty and staff will grow as professionals and leaders in our community. By emphasizing professional development and facilitating collaboration through means like inquiry groups, we will expand our collective knowledge. Using numerous methods — from cohort groups to visiting experts to conferences — we will ensure faculty and staff broaden their awareness, especially as it relates to differentiation, global understanding, empathy and innovation in education.

A great school brings people together.

3. Community

Foster an inclusive community focused on supporting Graland's mission statement and guiding principles.


List of 3 items.

  • 3.1: Foster a welcoming school environment that energizes our community and promotes trust, respect, well-being and inclusivity amongst students, faculty and families.

  • 3.2: Strengthen relationships with the broader Graland community to ensure meaningful involvement.

  • 3.3: Cultivate external relationships with the wider community to create symbiotic opportunities.

List of 1 items.

  • Overview

    A diverse school environment with a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives is ideal for learning. By expanding our efforts and outreach, we can bring more diversity to our program. We will create programs that support the needs of dual working families and explore more options in the areas of transportation, enrichment and communication. We will share an intentional expression of our values throughout our community. As we continue to focus on ensuring our campus is welcoming, respectful and inclusive, our hope is that every family feels that they contribute to and benefit from the Graland experience.

    Our school community includes alumni, past parents, past leadership, grandparents and friends. We will actively engage this broader group, recognizing that all community members have invested in and impacted Graland.

    Reaching further, we will develop external relationships to explore opportunities within our vibrant city and beyond. Tapping into local, national and international resources, we will develop learning in new directions with new skills and perspectives.

A great school uses its resources wisely to support student learning.

4. Resources

Support the most current and effective educational program by maximizing and expanding the school's resources.


List of 5 items.

  • 4.1: Build strong stewardship amongst the Graland community in an effort to build ongoing relationships with all of its members.

  • 4.2: Grow Graland’s financial resources by inspiring the participation of current and former community members.

  • 4.3: Ensure Graland is accessible to a highly qualified, diverse pool of students.

  • 4.4: Continue necessary campus improvements to ensure programmatic support and safety.

  • 4.5: Ensure stability and effectiveness of school systems through robust data and technology platforms.

List of 1 items.

  • Overview

    Graland is continually evaluating how we can offer students the best program and educational facilities that inspire curiosity and learning. Strong financial support to the annual fund is a necessity for a strong program. To inspire higher participation, we will better educate our community about Graland’s financial model and the importance of giving. Building on the current momentum, we will continue to increase the endowment, thus offsetting our dependence on tuition increases, and uphold our commitment to financial aid, faculty development and retention.

    Beyond financial support, other types of resources — volunteerism, professional and personal expertise, and gifts in kind — are important for the school’s success. We value these non-financial contributions, and will seek out additional ways to engage our current and broader community, tapping into the potential of all our resources.

    We are committed to investing in our campus and facilities for programmatic support and we will further optimize our outdoor spaces. We will continue to evaluate our campus, technology systems and skill sets, making certain we implement facility improvements and offer the proper training to ensure the safety of our community.

A great school thrives with strong leadership from its board.

5. Governance

Continue board involvement and support to meet Graland's mission.


List of 4 items.

  • 5.1: Continue the effective financial stewardship of the school.

  • 5.2: Measure achievement against Graland’s Mission and the Strategic Plan.

  • 5.3: Foster generative thinking opportunities for the Board.

  • 5.4: Conduct regular Board assessments

List of 1 items.

  • Overview

    Board engagement is a high priority as we carry on a long tradition of strong leadership and wise stewardship. We will pursue opportunities for board education and assessment as we look towards developing the expertise of our current trustees, while actively cultivating new trustees who bring a balance of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and skillsets.

    We will commit to more communication and transparency to inform the Graland community about board decisions, procedures and the management of the endowment through the Graland Foundation. We will continue to pursue strong governance practices, as the board upholds the school’s mission, assesses performance against this strategic plan and advises on financial decisions including the development of a five-year financial plan.

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