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Go Learn - Stories about Intellectual Excellence

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  • Grade 7: Math Lesson Sharpens Estimation Skills

    Students in David Hill’s math class practiced the art of “almost,” “around,” and “close to” this week with a lesson in estimation.  Estimation is an important component of mathematical reasoning and, on this day, students used rational number operations and their growing computational fluency to quickly arrive at a reasonable answer. “Efficiency and flexibility matter,” says Dr. Hill, “but we need to aim for accuracy first.”
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  • Grade 7: Historians Debate War with England

    Are you a Patriot, Loyalist or Neutralist? The answer was relevant this week in history class when seventh graders re-enacted the Second Continental Congress, the meeting in 1776 where American colonists decided to declare their independence from Great Britain. To demonstrate their understanding of the issues surrounding this decision, each student impersonated a delegate with one of three political perspectives. 
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  • Grade 8: Reflecting on the Civil Rights Movement

    After a meaningful trip to visit the sites and museums dedicated to remembering the Civil Rights Movement, students returned this week and spent more than two days to a project designed to let them creatively express their learning. 
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  • Grade 1: Studying Birds in the Field

    First graders are combining science, art, math, Spanish and service learning to take their unit on birds to a new level this year. This week, they enjoyed a visit to the Bird Conservatory at Barr Lake to focus on bird migration.
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  • Grade 6: Following the Carbon Cycle in Science

    Sixth graders are putting their creative writing skills to work in science class, where they are learning about the carbon cycle with Mr. Aaron Murray. The goal, he says, is the make the carbon cycle interesting and bring the scientific concepts to life. 
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