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Student Leaders Share Out

Student leaders in the Middle School shared their projects, goals and initiatives with peers this week, inspiring future leaders and giving an overview of the year’s accomplishments so far. 
5/6 Student Council
Council leaders are dedicated to unifying the 5/6 pod through organized socials and other activities. Council representatives from Grade 6 talked about an upcoming luncheon at the St. Francis Society where they will discuss homelessness with adult community leaders. Representatives also collaborated to resolve issues and foster cooperation between the grades.
Cal Bresee, Alex Geldhzahler, Olivia Goodreau, Robert Grawemeyer, Bricin Mahoney, Zachary Morgan, MacCoy Weil, Eve Weiner

5/6 Service Council
Sadie Burke, Lucy Coughlon, Jade Crichlow, Mahalia Endsley, Charlotte Frampton, Arden Gerlach, Ellie Goldstein, Robert Grawemeyer, Ellie Grimm, Saedra Gurfinkel, Cece Hecklinger, Keira Kastelic, Elianna Montes, Harrison Roth, Robert Schulein, Cayla Wolf, MacCoy Weil
7/8 Service Council 
Halfway to their fundraising goal of $2,000, service council leaders described the two organizations they support, Hope for Haiti and White Helmets. They are hosting next Friday’s Movie Night to continue raising money to help these agencies in their humanitarian work. The cost is $5 for movie only, $8 for movie and snacks. Service Council also holds a snack sale during morning recess.
Natalie Aymond, Sophia Birner, Marin Bomgaars, Quinn Geller, Emory Gerlach, Jack Gowen, Freddy Hamilton, Casey Klutznick, Elle Morris, Olivia Murane, Madeline Roper, Maya
7/8 Student Council
Co Presidents Serena Barish and Josiah Davis and other members of student council introduced themselves and talked about some of their accomplishments, including keeping the Middle School bulletin board refreshed and serving as advisors to our lunch provider, Sodexo. Student Council also plans dances and sponsored a Snapchat filter design contest this year which was won by Lola Barish. To join student council, interested sixth and seventh graders can expect to participate in an election process later this year. 
Ava Barish, Serena Barish, Josiah Davis, Miles Fourticq, Ryan Gaghen, Ben Hawley, Maria Romo-Nichols, Mia Sanchez
Connections Club
Student volunteers in Grades 7/8 meet weekly to discuss topics related to diversity and inclusivity that are important to the Graland community. This year, their focus is on hazing and bullying and they are planning a week-long advisory curriculum to educate their peers on this subject. Connections members also participate in the annual STAMP Conference held in the fall. The club is open to any student in Grade 7 or 8.
Grace Hutt, Greg Kintzele, Nina Luchenco, Annie Mei Manassee, Angelina Murane, Sage Phelps-Fast, Alina Popova, Catalina Rodriguez, Natalie Rumsfeld, Maya Rutherford, Mia Sanchez
Peer Leaders
The goal of Graland’s Peer Leader group is to strengthen our community through inclusion and fun. Peer Leaders are selected through an application process and plan Spirit Week themes and activities that promote kindness and inclusivity. Peer Leaders encouraged interested sixth graders to consider applying for next year.
Abby Amman, Anna Scott Arnold, Lola Barish, Patrick Frankel, Charlotte Gaudet, Chase Reiman, Brooks Rhine, Max Rosenstein
Leadership Independent Study
Joaquin Abarca and Ben Hawley were inspired by the Leadership Club to pursue an independent study of the topic of leadership. They presented their work to understand the qualities of great leaders and shared their interviews with four campus leaders, Juan Botello, Josh Cobb, James Foreman and Brenda Stockdale, who answered four questions:
  • From whom did you learn about leadership?
  • What traits do leaders have? 
  • When have you modeled great leadership?
  • What is your leadership style? (autocratic, laissez faire, democratic)
Grade 7 National Youth Leadership Conference
Four students who presented the Grade 7 memory box project at the Dare to Dream conference shared their experience exchanging ideas on the national stage. They not only inspired others with their service learning, they learned a great deal about the work happening around the world.
Anna Scott Arnold, Sophia Birner, Grace Dale, Hanna Drake
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