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Meet Our Faculty

Saúl Reyes

Spanish Teacher

World Language Teacher After overcoming a language barrier as a child, Señor Reyes promised himself that he would help other students be successful and give them options at a better life. He wants to inspire Latino students to reach their dreams.

Impacting Students
I like to teach about Hispanic culture to show it is very rich, diverse and colorful. Many students only know Latin American countries because of the tourist places but these countries have much more than beach resorts; they have history and traditions from many years ago. It is important to know the real culture of these wonderful Latin American countries.

Lifelong Learner
A technology workshop for foreign language teachers was useful because it shared different ways to help kids show their learning. These new apps/programs allow to me to get instant feedback from students without being a formal assessment. Students can show their learning through drawings, videos, instant responses in a friendly forum where they are collaborating with their peers. This workshop has helped me immensely because not every student learns in a traditional way and as an educator I need to take advantage of all these resources.

Favorite Teaching Moment
My favorite teaching moment is working with my fifth grade class. They are funny and curious and when they finally understand a grammar concept it is a special moment for them. They get very excited and it is contagious.

Favorite Global City
My favorite city where Spanish is spoken would be in the Oaxaca region of México. I love how they incorporate new and old vocabulary from their Aztec ancestors and how much pride they show when they speak it. Their accent is colorful and authentic.

Joined Graland in ...

Also Known As ...
Soccer Coach, Diversity & Equity Cohort Member

Bachelor's in Spanish, University of Northern Colorado Master’s in English Second Language, University of Colorado

Graland Country Day School

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