The Christmas Pageant/Part II

From Ms.. Fetter’s book written in celebration of the school’s 75th anniversary

A memory of the early pageants from Nancy Priest: “The Roman soldiers opened every show with a somber proclamation from Caesar Augustus, complete with trumpet sounding. It was wonderful!”

And. . . Mrs. Priest often made a guest appearance dressed as a Roman soldier

A memory of later pageants from me: Phil Hickey recalls the contributions of music teacher and administrator Barb Wagner, who took charge of the pageant during the 1980’s. "Barb Wagner would stand in front of the gym and would bellow instruction to eleven grades. Then, the music began, and everyone did as he/she was told because everyone wanted to please Miss Wagner.'

And. . . Barb often wore an apron bearing the older lyric, “Deck the Hall.” Not halls. The original lyric was good enough for her.

By the way, Mr. Rice and I remember the infamous duty under the bleachers. Poor souls like us had the distinct pleasure of sitting with miscreant children,usually boys, who were not permitted to sing with the choir. We would wait for the bleachers to tumble down and crush us. That was  entertainment!  

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