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  • Grade 7: Historians Debate War with England

    Are you a Patriot, Loyalist or Neutralist? The answer was relevant this week in history class when seventh graders re-enacted the Second Continental Congress, the meeting in 1776 where American colonists decided to declare their independence from Great Britain. To demonstrate their understanding of the issues surrounding this decision, each student impersonated a delegate with one of three political perspectives. They were challenged to not only understand and articulate their characters' views, but also to debate and defend those positions based on facts. Immersing themselves into the historical context of the period, their speeches included obsolete terminology, details of colony life and examples of how the discord with Great Britain impacted lives. Some students dived deeper into their roles with costumes or props that reflect the 1770s.
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  • Grade 8: Reflecting on the Civil Rights Movement

    After a meaningful trip to visit the sites and museums dedicated to remembering the Civil Rights Movement, students returned this week and spent more than two days to a project designed to let them creatively express their learning. “The primary objective is to give kids a way to process the more somber and emotional aspects of the trip,” explains history teacher, Jane Maslanka. “This hands-on approach can be a safer way for students to demonstrate their understanding and share what impacted them most.”
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  • Bringing More Project-Based Learning to Graland

    Faculty from Grade 7, Grade 4 and the drama department traveled to California last week to attend a conference on project-based learning, a teaching technique that guides students in identifying a real-world problem and developing its solution. It allows students to show what they learn as they journey through the unit, not just at the end.* The conference was hosted by High Tech High (HTH), a network of charter schools serving K-12 that also provides professional development to educators. Read more about our team’s reflections on this impactful experience.
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Graland Today Magazine Features

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  • Shedding Our Pride, Reaching Our Potential

    by Josh Cobb, Head of School
    On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points, setting the single-game NBA record. His score line was otherworldly. He attempted 63 shots, made 36. He also had 25 rebounds. But the most striking statistic, if you know Wilt’s only flaw in basketball, was the free throw percentage: 32 attempted, 28 made, 87.5 percent. Why so striking? Wilt Chamberlain was at best a 50 percent free throw shooter. He should have made 16 of 32 and scored 88 points, still impressive but not a record-setting 100. Why did he score 100? He shot underhanded.
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Graland Up Close

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  • Collaboration and Innovation: Cornerstones of Graland’s Summer Grant Program

    by Gail Sonnesyn, Associate Head of School
    Teachers look forward to summer for the opportunity to spend time with family, reconnect with friends, travel and kick back before returning to the classroom refreshed and energized. Many Graland teachers also opt to spend precious summer hours engaged in curriculum design and development.
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  • Learning Agility: Finding Passion and Purpose

    by Nan Remington, Head of Lower School
    This summer I reread Climb Every Mountain: The Story of Graland Country Day School by Rosemary Fetter, and was once again struck by photos of children engaged in active learning.
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  • Making Sense of the Grade in Middle School

    by Marti Champion, Head of Middle School
    “At Graland Country Day School it is our mission to: Achieve intellectual excellence, build strong character, enrich learning through the arts and athletics, and prepare our students to be engaged citizens and thoughtful leaders.”
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  • Graland Joins Challenge Foundation Program

    by Mimi McMann, Associate Director of Communications
    For the first time, Graland has partnered with The Challenge Foundation, a local organization whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty by helping smart, ambitious, hard-working students receive educational opportunities at independent schools. Challenge scholars will join our Middle School program at a rate of two per year, starting with two new students this year.
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Graland Blog

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  • Growing a Sense of Belonging

    by Oscar Gonzalez, Director of Equity and Inclusivity
    My father built brick flower beds in my childhood home, and my mother laboriously planted rose bushes, petunias, pansies and geraniums to bring life to our yard. While most only saw the beautiful flowers, my mother did the work to water the plants, till the soil, prune the stems and extract the weeds.
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  • A Back to School Welcome

    by Bernie Dvorak, President of the Board of Trustees
    On behalf of the Graland Board of Trustees, I would like to extend a warm welcome back to all our parents, caregivers, faculty, administration and, most importantly, students. I would especially like to welcome new families to the Graland community for the 2018-19 academic year.
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  • The Trip: Bringing History to Life in the American South

    by Jane Maslanka, Grade 8 History Teacher
    American history is complicated in its multiculturalism and multiracialism—a complex, beautiful tapestry of viewpoints, experiences, and narratives that each contribute a specific and irreplaceable piece of our story.
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