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  • Grade 6: Marketing and Media

    Sixth graders in Betsy Metcalfe’s wellness class are taking a more critical look at everyday marketing messages to identify how gender, race and class perceptions are shaped. During a recent activity, they examined cereal boxes to analyze the target audience and strategies used to sell the products. Students were quick to note that Lucky Charms is aimed toward children, especially girls. 
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  • Winners Announced in Bookmark Design Contest

    In conjunction with the Spring Book Fair, the Graland Parent Association held a bookmark design contest for K-8 students. This week, winners were announced and informed that their art will be printed as bookmarks and also as 8-foot banners to be displayed in the Hunt Family Learning Commons. 
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  • UpWords with Dr. Sarah Burgamy

    Graland alumna Dr. Sarah Burgamy ’93 visited a middle school assembly recently to give an UpWords speech on Honor Individuality. UpWords speeches allow members of the Graland community (students, teachers, alumni) to share how they live Graland’s Guiding Principles in their everyday lives. Sarah’s message to students was, “Be as strange as you can … and do it visibly,” a motto she adopted after struggling with her own identity development. 
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Graland Today Magazine Features

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  • Collaboration, the Ally of Improvement

    By Josh Cobb, Head of School
    When I started at Graland, I felt pretty good about myself. I loved teaching literature and composition to my ninth-grade students. I was passionate and proud of my reading list that included classical masters like Homer and Shakespeare, and more contemporary literary geniuses—Toni Morrison and Isabelle Allende. I was also fulfilled by having the autonomy to try and refine innovative teaching practices. Overall, I was very confident in what was happening within my classroom.
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  • Who Knew Feedback Could Be So Complex? Peer Cohorts Help Faculty Grow

    By Gail Sonnesyn, Associate Head of School
     Being the professionals they are, Graland faculty are eager to receive feedback and want it from multiple sources. This truth was gleaned from a faculty survey completed in 2017 as a task force delved into creating a more effective faculty evaluation system, now being implemented as part of Graland’s new Faculty Growth Feedback Model. It includes both a formal evaluation process and a professional development model we call “peer cohorts” which was created in part to satisfy faculty’s thirst for feedback. 
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  • Building Blocks Form Math Foundation

    By Lisa Palmer, ECLC Lead Teacher
    Rhombus? Vertices? Subitizing? These high-level mathematical terms are not typically associated with an early childhood math program. However, studies show that a child’s math skills at kindergarten entry are a better predictor of future academic success than reading skills, social skills or the ability to focus. 
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  • A Trend Toward Project-Based Learning

    By Mimi McMann, Associate Director of Communications
    Faculty from Grade 7, Grade 4 and the drama department traveled to California recently to attend a conference on project-based learning, a teaching technique that guides students in identifying a real-world problem and developing its solution. One of the benefits of project-based learning is that it allows students to demonstrate knowledge as they progress through the unit of study, not just in a culminating project or assessment. 
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  • Integrated Learning Connects Students with Seniors

    By Kelly Gaudet, Grade 7 English Teacher
    To know seventh grade at Graland is to know the significance of the phrases “Memory Box,” “Sunrise,” “Jiminy Wicket,” and “Intergenerational unit.” Different concepts, yes, but with the commonality of integrating within our year-long service learning program both in and out of the classrooms. 
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  • First Graders Become Bird Enthusiasts

    By Mimi McMann, Associate Director of Communications
    With binoculars held tightly to their faces, first graders scanned the clear blue sky, searching intently. Immersed in discovery at Barr Lake Bird Sanctuary, they might spot a turkey vulture, common nighthawk or belted kingfisher. They could set their sights on nests lodged high in the cottonwood trees. They might find owl pellets and crack them open to see what a predatory bird had for dinner. They could watch a researcher weigh, measure and band a migratory bird making its way south to a Spanish speaking country. So many possibilities, so many opportunities.
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Graland Blog

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  • Perspective on Discipline

    By Marti Champion, Head of Middle School
    As a school in the 21st century, we have the moral obligation to grow our students’ intellect and character. As a society, we tend to be more forgiving in the world of academia. When a person earns a bad grade, they may be given a chance for a “re-do” to prove their knowledge. With character, the margin for error is very small. One minor gaffe, and the options for a “re-do” are limited, making it difficult to recover as quickly as if it were a bad grade.
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  • Building a Healthy, Diverse Community Takes Time and Effort

    By Oscar Gonzalez, Director of Equity and Inclusivity
    Schools aren’t just about the three “R’s” of reading, writing, and arithmetic; we must also create a safe, supportive environment for students to grow. To manifest the benefits of diversity, individuals need to feel safe and valued enough to bring their authentic selves to a community where they can share ideas, explore themes as they see them, challenge ideas, and present different viewpoints to the table.
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  • From Empathy to Innovation

    By Jorge Chavez, Innovation Specialist
    Innovation is an interesting word being thrown around these days. For many, it may mean learning how to code in the newest languages, or learning to use the newest technologies. Is it creating the newest invention for human consumption? A lot of people tend to think of Steve Jobs when they think of innovators. Certainly, his contributions to our way of life should not be undersold. We can also look toward historical innovators like Nikola Tesla, who, while focused on product invention and patent acquisition, also looked into invention as a method to further humanity.
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