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Virtual Graland



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Virtual Learning Approach

Graland’s virtual learning approach is mission-based and focused on the whole child. It provides structure and flexibility. Since each class and grade level has its own unique personality, Graland’s faculty will bring their individual styles and ideas to their remote classrooms, just as they did at 55 Clermont Street.

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  • Remote Learning Philosphy

    Virtual Graland will:
    • ensure the delivery of a strong program that is in line with Graland’s mission. 
    • prioritize relationships so that classroom communities remain intact. Our students' wellbeing is top of mind. 
    • provide a healthy balance of online learning time and hands-on experiences. 
    • be iterative. We will collect student, parent and faculty feedback regularly so that we can respond in a fluid manner.
    • set clear expectations for classroom engagement while recognizing that students will excel and struggle in a manner that may be quite different than what was observed on campus. 
    • be responsive to students' needs, recognizing that children may have a high level of fear and stress during the COVID-19 crisis.
    • support student agency, especially at the middle school level. However, our faculty and Student Support Team will offer support, just as they did on campus.
    • approach the remote learning platform with a growth mindset. 
  • About Our Schedules

    In the remote learning environment, we pledge:
    • a commitment to the social-emotional wellbeing of Graland students, prioritizing relationships and community.
    • flexibility. While faculty expect all students to be in the Zoom classroom at the same time, most synchronous discussions/lessons will be recorded in case a child is sick or does not have access to a device because their parent is using it for work.
    • more asynchronous learning than synchronous learning. This allows flexibility for working parent schedules, households sharing devices, etc. 
    • blocks of time when students can reach out to faculty for additional support as needed.
    • fewer assignments, initially, as remote classroom expectations are put into place. This will also allow faculty to gauge the effectiveness of the initial schedule/plan and build from there.
    • specials classes that are integrated into the week.

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Remote Learning By Division

Technology Support

Technology Help Desk
Hours: M-F 8:15am-3pm

helpdesk@graland.org (preferred)

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  • Technology Resources and Tutorials

  • Zoom Security and Privacy Update (4.7.20)

    Dear Graland Families, 

    We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your patience and understanding during this incredibly unusual time. Your feedback and support have been instrumental while we navigate the nuances of implementing a completely new way to deliver the curriculum. The technology team has been working vigorously to support the entire Graland community. To better meet the needs of our community we expanded the help desk hours to 8:15 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    Please know it is our top priority to do everything we can to provide a safe and productive environment for our students. Not only is our own technology staff well versed on the technologies we are using (and the problems they bring), they also are in close contact with the  Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS) school technologists and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) resources. We are connected with local and national experts who have their fingers on the pulse of this ever-changing environment. Oftentimes we hear about issues with teaching technologies even before they are in the news.

    Zoom Security and Privacy
    As you know, Graland is currently using the Zoom platform to conduct class meetings and synchronous learning opportunities. We are aware of recent reports in the media detailing issues with security, privacy and the infamous “Zoombombing.” Here are some updates: 
    • Passwords are now required for all Zoom meetings. Any previously scheduled meeting will require a new link to access the meeting. New links will automatically contain the password so students will not have to enter it. If a student is asked for a password to enter a meeting, they should contact their teacher.
    • The most effective and simple way to keep Zoom safe is for students to not share any Zoom meeting passwords or links with anyone other than a classmate.
    • We are consulting with Zoom and other schools and adhering to FBI recommendations in an effort to secure Zoom against “Zoombombing” and other privacy issues. Private meetings, managing screen-sharing and other strategies have been implemented to prevent nefarious activity.
    • Zoom has patched many of the security issues that have been found in the past few weeks and has been very responsive to any new vulnerabilities that are discovered.
    • Zoom has created a specific privacy policy for K-12 schools and districts which is now available on theirwebsite

    Thus far Zoom has been diligent at responding to concerns and we feel that they have addressed or are working to address issues in a timely fashion. However, we are always looking at alternatives and assessing the situation on a regular basis.

    You can visit the Remote Learning By Division page on Virtual Graland for more information about remote learning expectations.

    Modifications to the Student/Parent Handbook to Incorporate Remote Learning
    To accommodate the uses of technology in support of remote learning, the parent/student handbook has been updated with the following:

    Classes conducted through remote learning programs may be recorded by the School for educational purposes and may be shared with other students, families or employees of the School. Elements of these recordings may be used by the School to be shared with grandparents, prospective families and other Graland constituents.  As a result, your child’s image, likeness, or voice may be recorded while he or she is participating in remote learning. Parents/guardians are deemed to have consented to the School’s recording of remote learning activities following receipt of this policy unless they specifically opt out, in writing, to the Head of School, and in such circumstances, the School reserves the right to exclude students from remote learning activities after consent is withdrawn.
    Online interactions with a student or students during remote learning activities may not be recorded or disseminated in any manner by anyone other than a representative of the School without permission in writing from the Head of School or other school official authorized by the Head to grant permission. Failure to comply with this restriction may result in disciplinary action of the student regardless of who made the recording, including but not limited to removal from the School. 

    The entire technology acceptable use policy can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook under Graland Agreements (p. 6-19).

    As a reminder, the help desk can be reached at helpdesk@graland.org for non-urgent help, or if you have an urgent issue, via phone at 303-336-3733. The help desk is now open from 8:15 a.m. until 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.


    Martin Twarogowski, Director of Innovative Learning
    David Taylor, Director of Technology Infrastructure

Graland Updates Regarding COVID-19

Announcements from Graland about how COVID-19 is impacting school operations and instruction.

Family Connections & Parent Support Webpage

As many of you juggle working at home and parenting at the same time, Graland is committed to supporting you as much as possible. Aside from the academic support you’ll receive from teachers, you can visit our Family Connections and Parent Support page for curated links to activities you can do at home, suggested wellness resources from our school counselors and more. Our community discussion board is another place for parents to share ideas, ask questions and get peer support. We are #eaglesinthistogether!

Thoughts on Wellness

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