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Graland recruits exceptional teachers and qualified professionals year-round. Click on the job titles listed below to learn more about current job openings. If you are interested in working at Graland, even if you do not see the position you're seeking, we would like to hear from you! Please send your resume and letter of interest to Sarah Young, assistant to the Head of School.

Current Openings

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  • 4th Grade Lead Teacher

    Graland Country Day School is seeking an experienced fourth grade teacher with a strong foundation in elementary mathematics. Graland’s fourth grade program is semi-departmentalized and along with providing math instruction, the candidate also needs to be experienced in teaching language arts and social studies.

    The ability to work closely with other team members and plan for interdisciplinary units is also desired. A minimum of three years teaching experience is also preferred.

    Reports to: Respective Division Head
    1. Planning and Preparation:
    Graland teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of content and pedagogy
    • Demonstrates knowledge of students
      • Treats students equitably, recognizing the individual differences that distinguish students from one another
    • Selects instructional goals
      • Acts on the belief that all students can learn and succeed
    • Demonstrates knowledge of resources
      • Able to appropriately use technology tools to enhance instruction
      • Is willing to utilize Student Support Services Team and other resources to support classroom needs
    • Designs coherent instruction
      • Understand how students develop and learn and incorporate prevailing theories of cognition and intelligence into their practice
      • Teachers reflect solid understanding of content, students and available resources
    • Assesses student learning
      • Assess and keep records on the progress of individual students as well as the class as a whole
      • Employ multiple methods for assessing student growth
      • Use assessment to drive instruction
    1. The Classroom Environment:
    Graland teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.
    • Creates and environment of respect and rapport
      • Shows respect for student levels of development
      • Promotes respectful interaction between students
    • Establishes a culture for learning
      • Maintain high expectation for student learning and interactions among individuals
      • Establishes clear standards for student conduct
    • Manages classroom procedures
    • Manages student behavior
    • Organizes physical space
    1. Instruction:
    Graland teachers are committed to students and their learning.
    • Communicates clearly and accurately
      • Possess a rich understanding of subject matter and are able to deliver it in a clear manner
      • Understand how knowledge in their subjects is created, organized, linked to other disciplines and applied to real-world settings
    • Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness
      • Adjusts instruction on the basis of observation and knowledge of students’ interest, abilities and background knowledge
    • Uses questioning and discussion techniques
      • Able to develop the critical and analytical capabilities of their students
    • Engages students in learning
      • Dedicated to making knowledge accessible to all students
    • Provides feedback to students
    1. Professional Responsibility:
    Graland teachers are members of learning communities and think systematically about their practice and learn from experience.
    • Reflects on teaching
    • Maintains accurate records
    • Communication
      • Writes cohesive, concise report cards
      • Clearly explains student performance to students, parents and administrators with progress reports, conferences, and other classroom communications
    • Contributes to the school
      • Participates in school activities beyond the classroom (i.e.: coaching, trips, etc.)
    • Collaborates with colleagues
      • Participates in professional learning communities
    • Grows and develops professionally
      • Participates in professional development opportunities to ensure continued professional growth and to forward the school’s mission
    • Shows professionalism
      • Serves as a role model to students
      • Adheres to school’s rules and regulations as outlined in the employee handbook
      • Adheres to school’s practices and procedures
      • Exhibits high standards of ethical conduct
  • Support Teacher

    Desired Qualifications:
    Preference is given to candidates with a Bachelor’s degree and/or candidates that have: a degree or endorsement in Early Childhood or Elementary Education; a strong understanding of child development; a knowledge of a variety of reading strategies; a knowledge of manipulative-based math instruction; a knowledge of the philosophy and instructional strategies of the writing process; and proficient computer skills.

    Reports to: Associate Head of Lower School
    The responsibilities of the support teacher are:
    • Provide instructional support and assessment to the lead teacher
    • Work with students individually and in small groups per lead teacher’s direction
    • Assess and confer with students individually or in groups
    • Monitor student classroom behavior
    • Participate in instructional planning and preparation
    • Support lead teacher and students in technology applications
    • Assist lead teacher with assessing student performance
    • Contribute anecdotal records for reports
    • Substitute when the lead teacher is out of the classroom (for professional or personal absences)
    • Collaborate with lead teacher when communicating with parents
    • Accompany students to and from specials
    • Knowledge of 21st century skills
    • Perform lunch and recess duties
    • Maintain frequent communication with lead teacher
    • Accompany lead teacher on field trips
    • Participate in all meetings that are held within the school day
    • Attend parent/teacher/student conferences
    • Attend division meetings, faculty/staff meetings and professional development meetings
    Not required to take work home
  • Middle School Math Learning Specialist

    Position Description
    Math learning specialists support Graland’s pursuit of intellectual excellence by working in partnership with students, teachers, parents, and administrators to identify and address learning differences that are impeding student progress in mathematics and science. As coaches and consultants, math learning specialists provide alternative methods and strategies to better differentiate curricular delivery and assist teachers in identifying and addressing the nature of non-responsiveness to generally effective instruction. This practice is guided by the Response to Intervention Model.

    Graland follows the Math in Focus curriculum covering concepts including, but not limited to, multiplying and dividing fractions, statistics, algebraic equations and inequalities, and geometric construction. Experience with algebra and algebraic concepts is preferred and the ideal applicant will have experience teaching inquiry-based mathematics that include polynomials, quadratics, radicals and radical expressions.

    Math learning specialists accomplish the above as they:
    • Serve as a student’s advocate/case manager by closely monitoring their progress
    • Review and summarize psycho-educational evaluations, creating support plans based on the findings and recommendations provided, and ensuring parent communication and protocol development
    • Participate in formal and informal parent-teacher conferences as well as weekly teacher, grade-level, and administrator meetings
    • Provide direct academic support to students and/or small groups of students in the classroom and out
    • Assist with test administrations, including standardized tests, to students receiving accommodations
    • Write report card comments, in some situations, for students who receive ongoing instruction from learning specialists
    • Administer and analyze the results of curriculum-based measurements and standardized testing in order to drive instruction
    • Recommend outside testing when school interventions have not produced desired outcomes
    • Collaborate with the Student Support Team, using a growth mindset
    • Engage in professional development to further enhance knowledge of learning differences, differentiation and strategies for problem-solving, intervention, remediation and/or enrichment

    Reports to:  Head of Middle School
    Status: Full-time, school year

    About Graland Middle School
    Teaching in the middle school at Graland is a multi-faceted experience. We start with the fundamental belief that teaching middle school students is about building relationships. From here, teachers are responsible for fostering in students a love of learning and the development of skills necessary to be successful. Math, English, science, and history teachers teach one grade level and form that grade’s MESH team, whose charge is to create continuity in students’ experiences, including developing central themes and interdisciplinary units, common expectations for student work and behavior, to integrate technology, and to manage students’ academic and social well being. The MESH team also serves as advisors within their respective grade levels. Foreign Language and Visual and Performing Arts teachers work with a range of grade levels and are members of departmental teams. They may serve as advisors as well. The middle school experience at Graland calls for teachers to recognize that working with this age group requires a variety of roles including coaching (sports and innovation) and a high level of energy and enthusiasm from its staff.

    Professional and Personal Qualities
    • Bachelor’s degree; master’s degree preferred
    • Licensure in Special Education
    • 3+ years of teaching experience; experience with middle school students preferred
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Ability to pass a background check and drug test
    • A collaborative and supportive member of the Graland community who...
      • Models caring, respect, patience, and appreciation of differences.
      • Provides a safe environment for students.
      • Upholds school, employee and family confidentiality.
      • Represents school in position and in community – understands voice of school.
      • Participates in effective communication that is responsible, descriptive, and nonjudgmental.
      • Adheres to all school policies and procedures.
      • Offers support during after-hours as needed.
      • Likes to work with people and create solutions.
  • After School Program Staff - Part-time

  • Substitute Teacher

  • Teacher Resident Program (Stipend Position)

How to Apply

We look forward to hearing from you! Please send your resume and letter of interest to:

Sarah Young
Assistant to the Head of School
303-388-2803 (fax)
No phone calls please
Equal Opportunity Employer
It is the policy of Graland Country Day School to comply fully with all laws barring discrimination against employees, or applicants, for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, military discharge status or physical or mental handicap, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam-era veteran. This policy applies to recruiting, hiring, placement, promotion, discipline, demotion, rates of pay or other compensation, employee benefits, tuition assistance programs and termination of employment.

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