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Foster an inclusive community focused on supporting Graland’s Mission Statement and Guiding Principles.

A diverse school environment with a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives is ideal for learning. By expanding our efforts and outreach, we can bring more diversity to our program. We will create programs that support the needs of dual working families and explore more options in the areas of transportation, enrichment and communication. We will share an intentional expression of our values throughout our community. As we continue to focus on ensuring our campus is welcoming, respectful and inclusive, our hope is that every family feels that they contribute to and benefit from the Graland experience.
Our school community includes alumni, past parents, past leadership, grandparents and friends. We will actively engage this broader group, recognizing that all community members have invested in and impacted Graland.

Reaching further, we will develop external relationships to explore opportunities within our vibrant city and beyond. Tapping into local, national and international resources, we will develop learning in new directions with new skills and perspectives.
“Our community is prepared to ensure that every student and family feels connected and thrives at Graland.”

- Kristin Ryder, Director of Admission

Community Strategies

3.1  Foster a welcoming school environment that energizes our community and promotes trust,
respect, well-being and inclusivity amongst students, faculty and families.

3.2  Strengthen relationships with the broader Graland community to ensure meaningful involvement.

3.3  Cultivate external relationships with the wider community to create symbiotic opportunities.

Graland Country Day School

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Graland Country Day School is a private school in Denver, Colorado, serving students in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. Founded in Denver in 1924, Graland incorporates a rich, experiential learning approach in a traditional classroom setting, emphasizing the development of globally and socially conscious leaders who excel academically.