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Grade 5: Going to Head-to-Head in a Game of Ancient Survivor

Confucius, Archimedes, Thucydides, Nebuchadnezzar, Sargon the Great, Genghis Khan, and Socrates. These are just a few of the historical figures that fifth-grade students personified in a recent grade-wide competition known as “Ancient Survivor.” Throughout April, students were assigned two historical figures, one they would personify and one they would prepare to “battle” debate-style in history class. 
In addition to researching their character’s background, accomplishments, and downfalls, the students also researched their opponent. The final goal? Crafting a speech to sway their classmates to vote for them rather than their ancient counterparts using a balance of fact-based research and satire. The fifth graders were successful in this mission and delivered engaging and hysterical performances in each MESH cohort, with students advancing via a March Madness-style bracket displayed proudly in their history classroom. This process continued throughout the month until four students remained from each of the history classes. 

On Friday, April 26, the final four fifth graders went head to head in Allon Quad in hopes of being crowned the Ancient Survivor Champion of all of Grade 5. The four finalists included Spartacus (Alexandra B. - MESH 1), Ashoka (Will N. - MESH 2), Genghis Khan (Luisa M. - MESH 3), and Archimedes (Hunter T. - MESH 4). After witnessing Spartacus and Archimedes go head to head, as well as Ashoka and Genghis Khan, fifth graders were asked to vote on which ancient figure should advance based on the persona’s accomplishments/leadership qualities, and the speaker’s eye contact, engagement, body language, volume, pace, etc. Only two ancient survivors remained after the voting process, Genghis Khan (Luisa M.) and Archimedes (Hunter T.). After a brilliant debate, Archimedes (Hunter T.) was crowned the final champion! Congratulations all around, Grade 5 ancient survivors!

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