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Signature Programs

Service Learning

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  • Cultivating Compassion

Service learning programs at each grade level support our guiding principles and our mission to prepare students to be engaged citizens and thoughtful leaders. Through serving in the community and learning about community needs, students gain empathy for others, while understanding how they can personally make an impact.

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  • Preschool/PreK: Caring for Animals in Need

    Working with the Dumb Friends League, students learn about advocacy and awareness of shelter animals. Students also practice how to interact with dogs safely with visits from the Dumb Friends League “Ambassadogs.”
  • Kindergarten: Stewards of Sustainability

    Kindergarten focuses on the importance of reusing, recycling and composting. They learn how to sort their waste into items that can be returned to the earth (composting), items that can be reused (recycling) and items that go to the landfill. They read about how other communities are repurposing plastic bags, and use plastic bags to stuff their rodeo horses!
  • Grade 1: Birds Enthusiasts

    First graders study all about birds during a comprehensive unit that includes science, Spanish, math, literacy and service. They visit the Bird Conservatory at Barr Lake to experience and participate in bird conservation efforts and work to make the Graland campus more bird-friendly.
  • Grade 2: Pollinator Garden

    Second grade scientists, in partnership with the Butterfly Pavilion, learn about pollinators and their importance and use this information to create a pollinator garden on campus. 
  • Grade 3: Understanding Who Comes to Colorado and Why?

    Once our third graders become experts on Colorado, they play an important role in an official Naturalization Ceremony to welcome new American citizens. This is a meaningful way to connect our Colorado history lessons to our service-learning project.
  • Grade 4: Building Relationships with Children with Disabilities

    Students spend the year building friendships with buddies from our Unified Neighborhood partners in special education programs. In the spring, fourth graders host the Sam Loewi Unified Neighborhood Games on campus when perseverance, effort and respect for others are celebrated in a ceremony and during Special Olympics-style field games.
  • Grade 5: Growing a Tower Garden

    Fifth grade students learn how to grow food in science class and determine how to use this knowledge to support the community. 
  • Grade 6: Understanding the Plight of Poverty

    Sixth graders join volunteers at the Capitol Hill Community Services Soup Kitchen each week to serve meals to underprivileged Denver residents. Throughout the year, they study issues of homelessness and poverty to gain perspective on these experiences.
  • Grade 7: Befriending Elders

    Seventh grade students partner with local organizations to visit senior residences, play croquet, learn about the science and impact of Alzheimer’s, and complete outdoor projects for seniors.
  • Grade 8: Global Citizens

    In connection with their capstone project, eighth graders learn about and collaborate with local organizations that address global needs outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Other Service Learning Opportunities

In addition to opportunities at each grade level, students can enjoy more service activities throughout the year:

  • Middle School service councils become advocates for various causes such as environmental stewardship.
  • The Graland Parent Association organizes outreach opportunities for our community. 

Graland Country Day School

Graland Country Day School is a private school in Denver, Colorado, serving students in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. Founded in Denver in 1924, Graland incorporates a rich, experiential learning approach in a traditional classroom setting, emphasizing the development of globally and socially conscious leaders who excel academically.