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Job Openings

Join the Graland Team!

Graland recruits exceptional teachers and qualified professionals year-round. Current job openings are listed below. If you are interested in working at Graland, even if you do not see the position you're seeking, we would like to hear from you! Please send your resume and letter of interest to Sarah Young, assistant to the Head of School.

Current Openings

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  • Childcare Lead Teacher

    Reports to:  Associate Head of Lower School and ECLC Director
    The responsibilities of the lead teacher are:
    • Responsible for the care and safety of up to 10 children; ensuring that children are always in a safe environment in accordance with Colorado Child Care Rules and Regulations.
    • Responsible for the planning and implementation of daily lesson plans, monthly calendars, classroom newsletters, and daily communication to parents.
    • Responsible for maintaining age-appropriate, consistent classroom routines and daily schedule.
    • Responsible for daily set-up and delivery of programs by organizing activities, snacks/meal service, diapering/toileting, cleaning/sanitizing, playground supervision, rest time, arrival, and departure of children.
    • Use positive behavior reinforcement and developmentally appropriate guidance strategies to encourage appropriate behavior.
    • Develop and maintain positive communication with parents, children, and faculty/staff.
    • Seek out continued professional development opportunities.
    • Responsible for monitoring and maintaining annual fifteen (15) hour professional development credentials as required for their position.
    • Demonstrate commitment to the Graland mission, core values, and policies in the performance of daily duties.
    • Attend and participate in staff meetings, trainings, and site events as requested by the Director.
    • Attend work on a regular, reliable, and punctual basis.
    • Provide before and after care supervision daily.
    • Maintain confidentiality regarding staff, children, and family information.
    • Demonstrate responsible, nurturing, and professional behavior always.
    • Perform other related duties as assigned.
    Licenses, Certificates and Other Requirements:
    • Must be willing to meet appropriate Infant/Toddler Teacher requirements/qualifications and provide all documentation as required by the State of Colorado Department of Human Services upon hire
    • Possess a current certification in CPR, First Aid, and Universal Precautions
    • Complete fifteen (15) hours training annually
    • Submit and pass criminal background check including Colorado Bureau of Investigations and TRAILS/Central Registry criminal record review as required by the Colorado Department of Social Services within five (5) working days of employment
    • Provide all documentation as required by the State of Colorado Child Care Licensing Division upon hire
    • Must be able to fulfill the role as a mandated reporter
    Material and Equipment:
    • Knowledge of modern office procedures, methods, and general office equipment (computer, copier, iPad, phone, etc.).  Proficiency with applicable computer software application (Word, Excel, Outlook).
    • Multiple manuals such as Colorado Health Department Guidelines, Graland Employee Manual, General Rules and Regulations for Child Care Services and the Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Childcare Rules and Regulations
    Working Environment:
    • Most of work is performed indoors, approximately 70%, with normal noise and frequent interruptions.
    • Balance of the workday, approximately 30%, will be outdoors, possible exposure to extreme temperatures, sun, rain, snow, wind, humidity or icy conditions and frequent exposure to grasses, molds, fertilizers, dust, and pesticides.
    Physical Requirements:
    • Must have the ability to supervise the children visually and audibly in a variety of situations.
    • Requires the ability to stand for various periods of time (15-30 minutes), bend or kneel to communicate with children, engage in activities with children, and distribute supplies or materials
    • Must be able to push, pull, and balance
    • Must be able to lift/move a maximum of 30 pounds unassisted, and lift/more a maximum of 100 pounds with assistance
    • Requires sense of smell and touch
    This position requires a current signed Child Care Provider Health Form.

    The person in this position must adhere to City and County of Denver health order (8.2.2021) requiring all school employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated and individual must provide proof of vaccination.
  • Evening Custodian

    Position Overview
    Graland is seeking an evening custodian to clean and maintain an assigned area of the well-kept 190,000 square feet of teachable space. The evening custodian is responsible for performing their duties with the latest cleaning standards and best practices to keep a safe space.

    DEPARTMENT: Buildings and Grounds
    REPORTS TO: Custodian Supervisor
    PRIMARY FUNCTION: Performs tasks for the purpose of maintaining an attractive, sanitary and safe campus for students, staff and visitors.
    Essential Responsibilities
    • Cleans assigned campus facilities (e.g., classrooms, offices, gym, restrooms, multipurpose rooms, cafeteria, etc.). Cleaning includes but is not limited to:  vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, shampooing carpets, washing windows, sanitizing, emptying trash and picking up litter.
    • Use of ladders, step stools, as needed.
    • Lifts up to 30 pounds unassisted for the purpose of lifting equipment/objects necessary to complete assigned tasks.
    • Responsible for locking doors and windows and turning on and off lights at scheduled times.
    • Perform routine minor maintenance activities.
    • Inspects school facilities for the purpose of ensuring the site is suitable for safe operations and maintained in an attractive and clean condition.
    • Identify and report vandalism, equipment breakage, weather conditions, etc.
    • Work under limited supervision following standardized practices and/or methods.
    • Performs other related duties, as assigned, for the purpose of ensuring the efficient, effective functioning of the work unit.
    Job Requirements: Minimum Qualifications
    • SKILLS are required to perform multiple, non-technical tasks with a need to periodically upgrade skills in order to meet changing job conditions. Specific skills required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: using custodial supplies.
    • KNOWLEDGE is required to perform basic math; read and follow instructions; and understand multi-step written and oral instructions. Specific knowledge required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job includes: knowledge of custodial supplies; knowledge of cleaning methods and techniques.
    • ABILITY is required to work with a wide diversity of individuals in a variety of circumstances; and operate job-related equipment. Specific abilities required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: being willing to work; being organized. With the ability to engage with students, faculty and staff. 
    Working Environment
    • The usual and customary methods of performing the job's functions require the following physical demands: lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling; some climbing and balancing; stooping, kneeling, crouching, and/or crawling; and fine finger dexterity. Generally the job requires 5% sitting, 50% walking, and 45% standing. 
    Hours are 3:30pm – 12:00am 

    Compensation and Benefits
    Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. Salary is between $15-$17 per hour.  Benefits include professional development, employer-paid health, vision, dental and life insurance, paid time off for school holidays and school vacations, as well as participation in a retirement plan. 

    The person in this position must adhere to City and County of Denver health order (8.2.2021) requiring all school employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated and individual must provide proof of vaccination.
  • Middle School Dean

    Position Overview:
    As a member of the Middle School administrative team, the Middle School dean (5/6 or 7/8) works with the Head of Middle School to assist with the day-to-day operations of the division and to support the academic, social and emotional health and wellbeing of Middle School students Grades 5-8 while also serving as a leader for Middle School faculty by facilitating discussions, modeling professionalism, learning about best practices, and providing support and resources to colleagues.  

    Reports to: Head of Middle School
    Terms: Full-time, exempt, 11-month position

    Job Responsibilities:
    The following list is not comprehensive but serves as a representative summary of the primary duties and responsibilities.

    • Supports the Division Head with implementation of Graland’s Middle School vision to fulfill the school’s mission
    • Works with the Middle School faculty and staff to promote a culture of community that enables social emotional learning.
    • Manages the discipline, necessary communication with families of students and impacted faculty and maintains all records related to discipline.
    • Attends weekly Kid Talk and Student Support Team (SST) meetings.
      • Assists SST with facilitating meetings with faculty and families to address student needs.
    • Works with the other Middle School dean to share supervisory responsibilities for:
      • chaperoning dances, socials, concerts and other grade-level performances.
      • chaperoning overnight trips.
    • Keeps the Division Head fully informed on student issues and all other relevant matters pertaining to school life.
    • Serves as a liaison between parents and Middle School by:
      • Facilitating grade-level back to school orientation sessions for students and families.
      • Supporting positive communications and partnerships with faculty.
      • Communicating through class pages and Tuesday News Day.
      • Hosting monthly meetings with grade-level parent representatives.
      • Attending/hosting parent informational sessions (ie: coffees, evening events).

    • Works with the other Middle School Dean to share responsibilities for:
      • Assigning faculty/staff duties.
      • Managing schedules and staffing for clubs and electives.
      • Developing assembly schedules and implementation. 
    • Works with the Division Head as a member of the Instructional Leadership Team to foster faculty growth as outlined in the Faculty Growth Model.
    • Attends weekly Dean and Instructional LeadershipTeam meetings and monthly All-School, Division and Team Leader meetings.
    • Assists the Division Head with progress report proofreading, editing, and processing.
    • Participates in the hiring process by:
      • Attending hiring fairs as needed.
      • Leading search committees as needed.
      • Sitting on hiring committees.
      • Assisting with reference calls as needed.
      • Onboarding new faculty to ensure they understand school-wide policies and protocols. 
    • Performs teaching and other administrative duties as assigned.
    • Works in collaboration with the other Middle School Dean and Division Head to oversee all aspects of the secondary school placement process for Graland’s graduating eighth grade class by:
      • Building and maintaining relationships with Upper School Admissions Officers.
      • Partnering with families as they engage in the secondary school process.
      • Writing recommendations.
      • Supporting faculty as they write recommendations.
      • Hosting secondary school informational events for local and boarding schools.
    • Partners with the Admissions Office to:
      • Coordinate student ambassadors to assist with tours and Open Houses.
      • Interview student applicants with follow-up phone calls after the visit.
      • Participate on the Admissions Committee.
      • Ease the assimilation of incoming students and help with the transition of new students and their families including summer onboarding. 
      • Host Admissions events and lead tours as needed.

    Team Player
    A collaborative and supportive member of the Graland Community who…
    • Models caring, respect, patience, and appreciation of differences.
    • Provides a safe environment for students.
    • Recognizes the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) work and continues 
    growth as a culturally responsive educator.
    • Upholds school, employee, and family confidentiality.
    • Representative for school in position and in community.
    • Participates in effective communication that is responsible, descriptive, and nonjudgmental.
    • Demonstrates a growth mindset, open to feedback and new learning.
    • Adheres to all school policies and procedures.
    • Offers administrative team support after-hours and on weekends as needed. 
    • Likes to work with people and create solutions.
    • Takes on additional responsibilities to support the evolving needs of the community.
    The next Middle School Dean at Graland Country Day will:
    • Be an experienced educator;
    • Be an excellent relationship builder and collaborator;
    • Have an educational approach that is aligned with the Graland mission and philosophy;
    • Have passion and expertise in experiential and expeditionary learning;
    • Have the ability to see the big picture and understands logistics planning for seamless execution;
    • Possess strong organization and communication skills;
    • Offer flexibility and a problem solving approach;
    • Have the ability to motivate, support and lead others;
    • Bring a growth mindset and excitement to further the school’s vision.
    The person in this position must adhere to City and County of Denver health order (8.2.2021) requiring all school employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated and individual must provide proof of vaccination.
  • Middle School Learning Specialist - Literacy

    Please Note: This position is being hired for an August 2022 start date.

    Position Overview

    Graland Country Day School is seeking a middle school literacy learning specialist to work closely with students in grades 5-8. The candidate should be an experienced teacher who understands school environments and the unique needs of middle school students. The ideal candidate thrives when working collaboratively and is skilled at working with students, faculty, and families.

    Reports to: Head of Middle School Status: Full-time, school year

    Position Description

    Literacy learning specialists support Graland’s pursuit of intellectual excellence by working in partnership with students, teachers, parents, and administrators to identify and address learning differences that are impeding student progress in English and history. As coaches and consultants, literacy learning specialists provide alternative methods and strategies to better differentiate curricular delivery and assist teachers in identifying and addressing the nature of non-responsiveness to generally effective instruction. This practice is guided by the Response to Intervention Model.

    Literacy learning specialists accomplish the above as they:

    • Serve as a student’s advocate/case manager by closely monitoring their progress
    • Review and summarize psycho-educational evaluations, creating support plans based on the findings and recommendations provided, and ensuring parent communication and protocol development
    • Participate in formal and informal parent-teacher conferences as well as weekly teacher, grade- level, and administrator meetings
    • Provide direct academic support to students and/or small groups of students in the classroom and out
    • Assist with test administrations, including standardized tests, to students receiving accommodations
    • Write report card comments, in some situations, for students who receive ongoing instruction from learning specialists
    • Administer and analyze the results of curriculum-based measurements and standardized testing in order to drive instruction
    • Recommend outside testing when school interventions have not produced desired outcomes
    • Collaborate with the Student Support Team, using a growth mindset
    • Engage in professional development to further enhance knowledge of learning differences, differentiation and strategies for problem-solving, intervention, remediation and/or enrichment

    About Graland’s Middle School

    Teaching in the middle school at Graland is a multi-faceted experience. We start with the fundamental belief that teaching middle school students is about building relationships. From here, teachers are responsible for fostering in students a love of learning and the development of skills necessary to be successful. Math, English, science, and history teachers teach one grade level and form that grade's MESH team, whose charge is to create continuity in students' experiences, including developing central themes and interdisciplinary units, common expectations for student work and behavior, to integrate technology, and to manage students' academic and social well being. The MESH team members also serve as advisors within their respective grade levels. World Language and Visual and Performing Arts teachers work with a range of grade levels and serve on departmental teams. They may serve as advisors as well. The middle school experience at Graland calls for teachers to recognize that working with this age group requires a variety of roles, including coaching sports or an innovation team in the Gates lab, and a high level of energy and enthusiasm from its staff.

    Team Player

    A collaborative and supportive member of the Graland community who...
      • Models caring, respect, patience, and appreciation of differences.
      • Provides a safe environment for students.
      • Recognizes the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) work and continues growth as a culturally responsive educator.
      • Upholds school, employee and family confidentiality.
      • Represents school in position and in community.
    • Participates in effective communication that is responsible, descriptive, and nonjudgmental.
      • Adheres to all school policies and procedures.
      • Offers support during after-hours as needed.
      • Likes to work with people and create solutions.
      • Recognizes the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) work and continues growth as a culturally responsive educator.


    • Bachelor’s degree; master’s degree preferred.
    • Licensure in Special Education.
    • 3+ years of teaching experience; experience with middle school students preferred.
    • Excellent communication skills.

    The person in this position must adhere to City and County of Denver health order (8.2.2021) requiring all school employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated and individual must provide proof of vaccination.
  • Visual Communications Intern - Photo/Video Emphasis

    Graland Country Day School’s Marketing and Communications Office is seeking a student communications/marketing intern to fill a part-time, photo- and video-intensive position. Ability to support simple graphic design projects preferred.

    Reports to: Associate Director of Marketing.

    • On-location photo and video coverage of students and faculty with an eye to capturing engaging imagery that conveys joyful learning.
    • Develop weekly visuals for e-newsletters, electronic bulletin boards, websites and social media in the form of photo, video, and simple graphic design work.
    • Reviewing existing photos to create galleries of top images.
    • Review video footage and edit into engaging compilations set to music. 
    • Create slides to be displayed on the on-campus electronic bulletin boards.
    • Other duties as assigned.
    • The intern must demonstrate attention to detail and possess above average photography and videography skills. 
    • Shooting photos and video with pro-level DSLR-type camera, and/or GoPro cameras (or similar). 
    • Experience processing/editing/retouching acquired media files through software such as Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. 
    • Experience uploading videos to YouTube and photo galleries to websites/social media.
    • Additional knowledge of design software (Canva and/or Adobe InDesign) and working within brand standards would be desirable for graphic design support tasks.
    • Ability to engage with others including a high comfort level working with children.
    •  Be a collaborative and supportive member of the Graland Community who…
      • Models caring, respect, patience, and appreciation of differences
      • Provides a safe environment for students
      • Respects employee and family confidentiality
      • Is sensitive about what he/she is saying and where
      • Participates in effective communication that is responsible, descriptive, and nonjudgmental
      • Adheres to all school Policies and Procedures
    • Must be able to pass a background check.
    Preferred Schedule:
    • Ability to start immediately with ability to commit through June 3. 
    • 10-12 hours per week when school is in session. Flexible schedule however at least 8 hours need to be on-campus during school hours (M-F, 8am-3pm).
    • Hours not needed during school holidays including (Nov. 24-28, Dec. 18-Jan. 2, Mar. 21-25)
    This is a paid internship $15-$20/hr depending on experience. Free on-campus lunch. To be considered, applicants must submit a cover letter, resume, and links to online or PDF portfolio(s) of photo/video and graphic design work.

    The person in this position must adhere to City and County of Denver health order (8.2.2021) requiring all school employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated and individual must provide proof of vaccination.
  • Extended Day Program Staff 2021-2022

    This position is for the 2021-2022 school year and will start in mid-August, 2021.
    Part time Extended Day Program Staff
    Hours: 2:30pm-6pm, Monday – Friday
    Qualifications: ECE teacher qualified /previously group leader
    Qualified applicants only
    Background check and fingerprinting required upon hire
    CPR, First Aid, Standard Precautions certification preferred or willing to acquire when hired
    15hrs Professional Development per school year required once hired
    • Work with children ages 5-12
    • Create fun, safe, caring environment
    • Assist with snack, arts, crafts, homework help, recess and other duties as needed
    • Set up and clean up
    • Communicate effectively with student, parents, other staff
    The person in this position must adhere to City and County of Denver health order (8.2.2021) requiring all school employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated and individual must provide proof of vaccination.

    Please e-mail resume to: syoung@graland.org
  • Substitute Teacher

    Graland occasionally has a need for substitute teachers for grades preschool to grade 8. If you are qualified and interested in being on our list of subs, please submit a cover letter with your resume to Sarah Young (no phone calls please).
  • Teacher Resident Program (Stipend Position)

    Graland Country Day School is seeking intern candidates for our Teacher Preparation Program. You will be partnered with experience mentor teachers as you work to achieve your goal of a licensure in elementary education. Options exist for obtaining your masters degree at the same time. See below for details.

Graland Country Day School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

It is the policy of Graland Country Day School to comply fully with all laws barring discrimination against employees, or applicants, for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, military discharge status or physical or mental handicap, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam-era veteran. This policy applies to recruiting, hiring, placement, promotion, discipline, demotion, rates of pay or other compensation, employee benefits, tuition assistance programs and termination of employment. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please send your resume and letter of interest to:

Sarah Young

Assistant to the Head of School
303-388-2803 (fax)
No phone calls, please

Teacher Residency

Graland Country Day School is seeking resident candidates for our Teacher Preparation Program in partnership with PEBC Teacher Residency. Participants are partnered with experienced mentor teachers at Graland and work to achieve a licensure in elementary education. Options exist for obtaining a master's degree at the same time.
For more information on PEBC Teacher Residency please contact:

PEBC Recruitment and Admissions Team 
Direct Phone: 303-861-1169 or Email: admissions@pebc.org.

For more information on being a resident at Graland Country Day School, please contact:
Parthenia D. Williams
Associate Head of Lower School
Direct Phone: 303-336-3767

Information session hosted at Graland on February 5, 2020 click here to learn more and sign up.

List of 4 items.

  • Overview

    Graland Country Day School and PEBC Teachr Residency seek candidates to participate in an alternative teacher licensure program where participants receive their Colorado Teacher’s License.

    Residents gain an understanding of teaching through an experience-based program coupled with licensure coursework that allows residents to connect theory and practice. They steadily take on increasing responsibilities as their skills and confidence grow. Resident teachers start the year working with small groups of children and end the year capable of managing the entire class.

    With ongoing feedback and support from their field coach and mentor teacher, residents participate in all aspects of the teaching process. They learn to help children with a wide range of abilities and share in celebrating diversity within the classroom.

    Graland residents are paid a stipend and receive some benefits. Please contact us to learn more.
  • Start Your Application Today

    To join PEBC Teacher Residency begin your online application at pebc.org and upload the following documents to begin the application process:
    • Statement of Purpose and Essay
    • Resume or curriculum vitae
    • Unofficial transcripts from all universities and colleges attended; please email official transcripts to admissions@pebc.org or mail official transcripts to the PEBC Teacher Residency office (3607 Martin Luther King Blvd, Denver, CO 80205)
  • How do I know if I’m a good fit?

    Although teaching experience is not required, we encourage applicants with a passion for education and love for learning. We also require applicants to have the following: Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, average 3.0 GPA and U.S. citizenship, permanent residency or ability to legally work in the U.S.
  • Master's Degree Option

    PEBC Teacher Residency highly recommends that residents take advantage of credit benefit options offered by partner universities after their residency year. Residents are encouraged to choose a program that best fits their needs and interests. Please visit the PEBC Teacher Residency website to learn more about the University Partners.

Graland Country Day School

Graland Country Day School is a private school in Denver, Colorado, serving students in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. Founded in Denver in 1924, Graland incorporates a rich, experiential learning approach in a traditional classroom setting, emphasizing the development of globally and socially conscious leaders who excel academically.