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There were many tiny classrooms in the old Georgia Nelson Building. Charlotte Harper, a wonderful French teacher and a friend, was one of those stalwarts who managed to “get the job done,” despite the minuscule classroom -- it was adjacent to the language lab.

Charlotte, a gourmet cook, shared one of her specialties, Soupe Aux Lentilles.

1 lb lentils (washed)
4 carrots (peeled and cut)
2 small turnips (peeled and cut)
1 onion (“nailed” with two cloves)
1 small heart of celery
Salt and pepper
1 bay leaf
¼ tsp. of thyme leaves
Fresh parsley (two or three small branches)
2 lbs. lean bacon or ham hocks or spare ribs or Boston butt roast or German sausage (You may mix the meats)

In a five quart Dutch oven, place all the ingredients at once. Cover with cold water (leave about one inch free at the top) for two hours until the meat and lentils are tender. Remove meat, the cloves from the onion, and the bay leaf. Blend the soup in a blender. Return soup and meat to the pan, heat, and serve.

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