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Like most independent schools, tuition income does not fully fund the true cost of educating each child at Graland. Rather, it is supplemented by endowment funds and charitable donations. Graland strives for 100% of families to participate in the Graland Annual Fund each year at a level that is meaningful for them. High participation inspires others and showcases the strength of our community.

The Annual Fund:
  • Is a Graland tradition and the single most important and impactful fundraising effort each year.
  • Is a tax-deductible and critical part of the financial model of independent schools like Graland.
  • Represents approximately 7% of the school’s current operating budget.
  • Benefits every student, every teacher and every program every day. Graland asks for all families to participate in the Annual Fund.

Give with Meaning: The Graland Annual Fund “Family of Funds”

The Family of Funds was created to give you the opportunity to support the yearly needs of the school while also pursuing your personal philanthropic passion. When you give to Graland, you may choose to support any of the following areas of our program that are meaningful to you, knowing that Graland will put your dollars to work improving the student experience and providing an exceptional environment for learning.

Area of Greatest Need*
Graland leaders will apply your gift to support critical areas of the school’s operating budget that directly benefit every student, every teacher and every program every day.

Financial Aid
Graland is committed to making its program affordable for qualified students from all backgrounds and to actively recruiting and maintaining a diverse student body. Your gift supports this effort to fund financial aid awards.

Faculty Professional Development
Graland believes that professional development is a major catalyst for increasing expertise, keeping motivation high, expanding thinking skills and nurturing a growth mindset. Your investment in our faculty’s lifelong learning directly affects our curricula and the quality of academic learning at Graland.

Facilities and Campus Safety
Graland is focused on providing a safe, secure teaching and learning environment for students, faculty and staff. Gifts also aid in keeping Graland’s buildings and seven acres of grounds in top shape.

Innovation and Technology
Innovation can transform lives and challenge students to be creative problem-solvers. Graland students understand that, when used responsibly, technology can enhance critical thinking and effective communication. Giving to innovation/technology ensures the integration of innovation into all aspects of our program.

*The Graland Annual Fund Family of Funds supports our students and faculty in the current academic year through the school’s operating budget. Should contributions exceed a designation’s budgeted need, the school will redirect contributions to the area of greatest need. All undesignated gifts will be applied to areas of greatest need.

Annual Fund FAQs

List of 13 items.

  • Why do we raise money in addition to tuition?

    Tuition does not fully fund the true cost of a Graland education. Establishing the level of tuition as it is done allows Graland to maintain the diversity and holistic composition of the student body. Raising tuition would likely result in the loss of many valuable students whose families could not afford the increase, which in turn would limit every student’s opportunity to receive the many benefits of social and economic diversity across campus. A strong annual fund allows Graland to keep tuition affordable while maintaining superior quality of education for every child as well as attracting and retaining outstanding faculty members. Making a gift to the school is tax-deductible (while tuition is not) and allows the school to maintain tuition in line with local competition.
  • What are the Family of Funds?

    Launched in the Fall of 2018, the Family of Funds was created to give you the opportunity to support the yearly needs of the school while also pursuing your personal philanthropic passion.

    You can choose to designate your gift to an area of our program that is meaningful for you, from the following options:
    • Area of Greatest Need
    • Financial Aid
    • Faculty Professional Development
    • Facilities and Campus Safety
    • Innovation and Technology
    Note: Should contributions exceed a designation’s budgeted need, the school will redirect contributions to the area of greatest need. All undesignated gifts will be applied to areas of greatest need.
  • What is "the gap?"

    "The gap" refers to the difference between tuition and the true cost of educating each child. The gap is approximately $2,800 per student for the 2018-19 school year.
  • Who contributes?

    Each year, parents, alumni, trustees, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty and staff, and even students at Graland contribute to the annual fund. It is a collective effort of everyone in the Graland community.
  • Why is participation important?

    Participation in the Annual Fund demonstrates an understanding of Graland’s culture of philanthropy. As illustrated by the Board of Trustees and faculty and staff who annually achieve 100% participation, giving back is a community-wide call to action. Strong annual fund support positively influences prospective families interested in sending their children to Graland, and likewise inspires major donors and charitable foundations to give to Graland. Every gift counts. Every gift matters. Every gift makes a difference.
  • Does my gift really make a difference?

    Absolutely! Every gift truly does make a difference. Even small donations can make a big collective impact and inspire much larger gifts. Every contribution, of every size, counts toward our participation rate.

    Gifts to the annual fund range from $5 to $50,000. We ask that families make gifts at a level that is meaningful to them.
  • How are donors recognized?

    Regardless of gift size, every donor to the Annual Fund receives a thank you letter from Graland, both expressing appreciation for their contribution and offering a gift acknowledgment for tax purposes. Donors who make gifts at the $3,000 level and above are invited to the annual Head of School reception held each fall.

    All donors also have the option of making their gift anonymously. As anonymity means different things to different donors, please direct anonymous giving requests to Jessica Goski (303-336-3705).
  • What are the tax benefits of giving to Graland?

    1. Your gift is 100% tax deductible. Graland’s tax ID number is 84-0402699.
    2. A gift of stocks or securities is eligible for charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the gift without capital gains tax on appreciated stock. Please contact Kristin Eklund '88 Weber in the Development Office (303-398-3623) for details about making a transfer.
    3. A deferred or planned gift has potential tax benefits. To learn more, please contact Kristin Eklund '88 Weber in the Development Office (303-398-3623).
  • What are this year’s annual fund goals?

    Graland strives to reach both a dollar goal and a participation goal each year. Our participation goal is steadfast, as we seek 100% participation from our Board of Trustees, faculty & staff, parent body, and Alumni Board.
    Annual Fund dollar goals change yearly, but the purpose remains constant – to sustain excellence at Graland. The goal for the 2018-19 annual fund is $1.2 million.
  • Will my company match my gift?

    Visit graland.org/matchinggifts to see if a donor’s company, or their spouse’s company, offers a matching gift program. Corporate matching programs can double the impact of an individual’s gift at no additional cost to the donor. If the company is eligible, donors should request a matching gift form via the company’s intranet or HR department.  Complete the form and send it to Angela May in the Development Office and the school will do the rest. Donors will be recognized at the Giving Level that reflects their total giving, including corporate matching gifts.
  • When should I make my gift?

    We kindly ask our current parents to make their gift or pledge by Colorado Gives Day (Tuesday, December 4, 2018).  Early pledges and gifts reduce overall resources and ultimately increase the value of the donation; they also allow the Board of Trustees to more successfully budget for the coming school year. That being said, everyone has until June 30 to make payment on an annual fund pledge.
  • I'm supporting the Graland Parent Association (GPA), isn't that the same?

    Gifts to the Graland Parent Association first support the GPA's own activities and the net funds support the school. Alternatively, 100% of Annual Fund dollars go directly and immediately into the school's operating budget. Graland asks all parents to make a tax-deductible gift to the Annual Fund first. Parents new to Graland are pleasantly surprised to learn that Graland does not hold an annual auction event and that the GPA is focused foremost on "friend-raising." Many families are able to go above-and-beyond not only with supporting the Annual Fund but also with contributing to GPA events and activities. This additional support of Graland is most welcome and greatly appreciated.
  • Who are Annual Fund volunteers and what do they do?

    Development Committee members and Grade Representatives are volunteers who offer parent-to-parent connections and follow-up regarding the Annual Fund letters that are sent early each fall. These parents serve as ambassadors for Graland and are happy to speak to the importance of the Annual Fund, to answer any questions that fellow parents may have about the Annual Fund, and/or to direct other questions to administrators who can further assist.
    Beyond our parent community: Alumni, Grandparents, Former Trustees and Parents of Alumni are welcome to take an active volunteer role on behalf of the Graland Annual Fund as well. Contact Jessica Goski to learn more.

Giving Levels

All charitable contributions made in a fiscal school year will qualify for giving levels and will appear in the Annual Report.
Leadership Circle
$25,000 +

1927 Circle

Founders Circle

Head of School Circle
(New Threshold)
Donors at the $3,000 level and above are invited to the annual Head of School reception.

Scholars Circle

Honors Circle

Faculty Fellows Circle
Up to $499
"A gift is not about a specific child - not mine nor my friend's. It is about acknowledging the debt of those who came before us, for those who will come after us. It is thinking about the next 50 years."

~ Anonymous Graland community member

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