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  • June

    2019 Graduation Speech: Josh Cobb, Head of School

    Presented to the Graland Class of 2019 on June 5, 2019, by Josh Cobb, Head of School
    The date is September 5, 1997, almost a decade before any of today’s graduates were born. Mother Teresa, known as one of the most compassionate human beings ever, has just passed away. In Hawaii, at a Honolulu Rotary Club meeting, a gentleman honors her by reading a poem, entitled, “The Paradoxical Commandments,” that he believes she wrote and tacked up to a wall in her orphanage in India. He begins:
                People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway.
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  • March

    UpWords with Dr. Sarah Burgamy

    Mimi McMann
    As part of the goal to grow lifelong learners who are “engaged citizens and thoughtful leaders,” Graland Country Day School often invites alumni back to campus to share their experiences and their respective journeys beyond Graland. Through a program called UpWords, alumni are able to face middle schoolers and discuss how they live Graland Guiding Principles in their everyday lives.
    Dr. Sarah Burgamy grew up in Hilltop and attended Graland with the class of 1993. She presented recently on the topic of honoring individuality and her message to students was, “Be as strange as you can … and do it visibly,” a motto she adopted after struggling with her own identity development.
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