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Nabil Odulate

History Teacher

When not teaching history, soccer is his life. Ask him about the time he rode an ostrich.

Impacting Students
During our study of Egypt and the history of Islam, we looked at the way Islam is portrayed in the media and read an article by a Muslim American that highlighted the ways in which Muslims are unfairly stereotyped. We discussed the ways in which this portrayal conflicts with what we learned about the beliefs and practices of the religions. Students highlighted other groups which they felt can be unfairly portrayed, and talked about the dangers of such portrayals. This lesson has a profound impact on students because it shows how they can apply their own knowledge to the world around them, and enhance their understandings.

Lifelong Learner
The People of Color Conference had a positive influence on my teaching practice. I came away with a number of skills, ideas, and practices to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment for students who belong to any sort of marginalized group. The conference also highlighted the importance of representation, and has prompted me to make a renewed effort to find sources of information from a diverse selection. It also showed the value in primary sources where a person is able to tell their truth, from their perspective, and how much insight that can provide.

Favorite Teaching Moment
When a student came up after class to mention how much our discussion about fears that stem from a lack of understanding helped them deal with some of their own fears.

History Fact of the Day
Cleopatra lived closer to the modern day than she did to the construction of the pyramids. Ancient Egypt is truly ancient, even by the ancient civilization standards!

Also Known As ...
Soccer Coach

Joined Graland in ...

Silver Spring, Maryland

BA, Bowdoin College


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