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Rocio Zeiler

World Language Teacher

An accomplished world traveler, Mrs. Zeiler is a Master Teacher with 20+ years at Graland. She grew up in Paris and is passionate about teaching language skills, literature and world cultures.

Impacting Students
I love to teach a poem by Jacques Prévert. Students are able to understand the meaning, they see how to use language authentically, and they are able to analyze and create their own pieces of literature. They immediately see the importance of learning a language.

Lifelong Learner
Many of the lessons I learned from the Differentiation Cohort with Wendy Hofner over the past two years have had an impact on my teaching practice. I learned to scaffold information as well as assessments.  By giving choices, I can make sure that all students abilities are considered.

Professional Passion
I am passionate about languages and culture and want to instill in my students love for differences and appreciation of others. Language is important to me. It provides an "in" into the culture. I also love grammar and teaching a world language allows me to teach students about their native language, and how it is similar and different from others.

Feels Rewarded When ...
I hear from my students years later. I also feel rewarded when the colleagues in my department ask me for advice about lessons.

Favorite Childhood Memory
Getting up before dawn to meet the fishing boats with my grandfather, getting fresh sardines right from the boat, and frying them back at home for breakfast.

Favorite Global City
Paris. I love that city. It represents my childhood and suits my personality and my beliefs. It provides beautiful aesthetics, a way of life that I try to adhere to.

Joined Graland in ...
1990 - A Master Teacher!

Also Known As ...
World Language Task Force Member, World Language Department Chair

MA in literature, Université de Paris VII

Graland Country Day School

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