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Diana Quezada

World Language Teacher
Señora Quezada’s professional passion is teaching the culture and nature of South America. She was once a travel agent in her home country, Ecuador.
Impacting Students
Towards the end of the school year, in the Hotel Unit, eighth graders discover Spanish-speaking destinations through the lenses of real people and get the chance to practice all tenses and vocabulary they have learned. For this two-week project, they create a Student-Instagram account that showcases a destination in South America, including pictures of nature, food, people, and cultural activities as well as written expressions using Spanish-phrased hashtags and comments. In the end, students are blown away by the immense cultural and natural diversity in South America. They can see beyond the stereotypes and learn to appreciate people and cultures that are different than their own. It really changes the eyes in which they view the world.
Lifelong Learner
I attended the differentiation cohort taught by Wendy Hoffer. That was the most productive, hands-on professional development I’ve been part of. I was able to maximize the learning of every student based on their individual learning styles. I started scaffolding up (not just down) by creating new activities that engage and challenge the most advanced students.
Feels Rewarded When ...
Former students come to visit and we reminiscence about how much fun we had in class and also how well they are doing in their high school Spanish classes.
Favorite Global City
Buenos Aires. Argentinians have a very distinctive accent, and some ways in which they talk or write make it hard for a Spanish learner to understand what they are saying. But I'm just fascinated by it.
Life Goals
I’m inspired by Rocio Zeiler -- being able to teach two different languages is impressive. My next goal professionally is to learn Italian and someday be able to teach it. I would also like to take Graland students to Ecuador.
Joined Graland in ...
Also Known As ...
7/8 Service Council Sponsor, Compensation Task Force Member, Faculty Evaluation Task Force Member, Grade 6 Co-advisor
Quito, Ecuador
BS in Ecotourism, Catholic University of Ecuador
Foundations of Second Language Teaching, Georgia State University

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