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David Hill

 Math Teacher

A native of Boulder, Dr. Hill builds meaningful texture into his day through coaching athletics and co-directing a student club. He teaches middle school because he likes spending his day with kids -- and with other adults who've also chosen to spend their days with kids.

Impacting Students
I spend a lot of time trying to get students to 'make sense' of numbers: estimating and generalizing. This is a critical real-world skill. Sometimes during classwork, their heads (or their routines) get in their own way. I want them to 'go meta' at times, looking from a distance at what they're accomplishing and checking that it's reasonable.

Lifelong Learner
Our seventh grade team time at High Tech High will have lasting impact on my (and our collective) teaching practice. We are developing the design principles behind project-based learning, preparing to better integrate our curricula and make all subjects more relevant to our students.

Favorite Teaching Moment
The Monday morning check-in with the entire grade and all seventh grade faculty serves as my favorite moment of the week. It’s when kids are appreciated as a group, show their appreciation for each other, and learn within a community.

Favorite Use of Math in the Real World
Estimating everyday calculations, whether it involves distance, cost or time.

Life Goal
I want to introduce my three children to all 50 United States, and I want to help them experience some of the places that I've called home outside the U.S. (priorities include Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, Norway).

Outside the Classroom I’m ...
...on the ocean. Or in a lake. Or on a mountain.

Joined Graland in...

Also Known As ...
Tennis Coach, Basketball Coach, TIDES II Advisor

Boulder, CO
PhD, Stanford University School of Medicine
MPH, Emory University
BA, Stanford University

Graland Country Day School

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