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Grade 6: Marketing and Media

Sixth graders in Betsy Metcalfe’s wellness class are taking a more critical look at everyday marketing messages to identify how gender, race and class perceptions are shaped. During a recent activity, they examined cereal boxes to analyze the target audience and strategies used to sell the products. Students were quick to note that Lucky Charms is aimed toward children, especially girls.

On the front, the cereal’s mascot, a leprechaun, touted new rainbow unicorn marshmallows now included. Another product, Kashi GOLEAN, featured a photo of a group of women and seemed to be targeting those who are “self-conscious about their weight,” said Quinn Meyers (6). Those observations led to a discussion about gender stereotyping. The goal, says Ms. Metcalfe, is to start asking questions about advertising messages and to be aware of how marketing molds perceptions. Up next, they will look at Disney movies, graphic tees and toys.

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