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Aleda Deuble

Support Teacher

Ms. Deuble has a deep passion for engaging with kids and encouraging them to become inspired by the world around them. She looks forward to learning something new from her students each day.

Impacting Students
As an intern in first grade at Graland I designed a unit on community. I asked parents and other community members to come in and speak about their role in the community. Students created a list of interview questions and used them to guide our discussion with the visitors. Our culminating project was building our own town out of recycled materials. Each student chose a role to represent in the town (mayor, ski resort owner, post office, police officer, etc.) and wrote about their responsibilities. We assembled the town right in the middle of our classroom and invited families and other students to come and visit. Throughout this unit, the students were engaged and passionate about learning what is needed to have a successful community. The excitement on their faces when we built our own town is something I will always remember because they were able to make their ideas come to life.

Lifelong Learner
The People of Color Conference influenced my teaching tremendously. Above all, my greatest take away was the importance of incorporating multicultural literature into our curriculum, so that students are constantly having window and mirror experiences. Before I went to POCC, I constantly made an effort to find books with characters of color because we are not all one color. However, POCC provided me with research and resources to dive deeper into this pursuit and share the knowledge with my colleagues. In one of the workshops I attended, the speaker emphasized the importance of reading stories where race is the secondary story. I found this really interesting because I feel like many books with children of color tend to focus on their race, so finding books with different lessons that feature characters of color are equally important. Overall, I have gained a thorough understand of why multicultural literature is necessary in our curriculum and how implement it successfully. I made connections with teachers at other schools and we have been trading resources about multicultural literacy. I hope to bring this to the kindergarten team and others in the Graland community.

Favorite Teaching Moment
One of the most memorable took place on the field hockey field. I had the opportunity to coach the same group of girls for their seventh and eighth grade seasons. At our last game, we were all emotional because the season was officially coming to an end. Each player commented on the season and the last game, sharing what they believed our greatest successes were. After everyone had shared, one of the players stood up and gave a short speech about how strong of an influence our team had had on her. It was a beautiful moment that fully encapsulated how we have grown together as a team. Being able to lead this group of girls and help guide them to accomplish this was inspiring and something I deeply cherish.

Feels Rewarded When ...
My students come into the classroom smiling and excited for the day that's ahead. When I see this, I know that the classroom is an environment where they feel safe and loved.

Favorite Childhood Memory
My dad was my P.E coach in kindergarten and one day I didn't like what he had planned for us to do, so I locked myself and my friends in his office and demanded that we do something different!

Life Goals
Live abroad.

Joined Graland in...

Also Known As
Field Hockey Coach, Social Studies PLC Member, SEED Member (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity)

Winnetka, Illinois

BA from Colorado College
MA from Adams State University

Graland Country Day School

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