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How to Have a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” This quote resonates with me when I think of parent-teacher conferences from my 35+ years as an educator and my role as a parent.
Face to face communication with your child’s teacher greatly helps you, as parents, to plan for the academic and social development of your child. At the same time, teachers get to learn more about their students’ overall personality, dislikes, strengths and challenges, how they deal with homework, and if they are sharing thoughts about the day.

For the past six weeks, your child has been busy learning new expectations, practicing new routines, making new relationships, and being introduced to new academic concepts. In October, Graland parents have the wonderful opportunity to sit down with their child’s teacher and see examples of their child’s school work and academic achievement as well as hear the teacher’s observations of how the child is participating in class and building relationships. Here are some tips to make the most of this time.

Before the Conference
Talk with your child ahead of time and ask how they are feeling about school. Ask clarifying questions. Prepare a few questions for the teacher about any areas of concern regarding your child’s growth, development and learning style.

At the Conference
Share about your child’s life at home. Ask how you can support your child in areas that are challenging. Ask if your child is curious about learning and willing to take risks when not sure of the outcome.  

Celebrate the challenges, set goals, and treasure this time to build this relationship with your child’s teacher. Teachers know that parents are the best resources for a child to succeed in school, and effective and intentional parent-teacher conferences are one of the greatest ways to build this partnership. 

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