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Sharing Teacher Memories

Oman Frame

Japera Walker '02 Wilkison
“If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.” —Alexander Hamilton
Always the one to step outside the box. In fact, he redefined what a box was. He pushed us to be who we are and embrace the “real” part of ourselves. The real part of our history. Ourstory.

I had the privilege of being a part of Mr. Frame’s first homeroom class. It was in that very classroom I realized the true, and honorable part of being myself. Perhaps this is why I authentically liked everyone in my class. If it wasn’t for the mornings where we made it a point of coming to school early to watch him teach us something on the computer, swap stories, write out the daily schedule on the whiteboard, or even experiment with markers in his stretched earlobes, it was because we all genuinely appreciated his new, authentic, and refreshing non-traditionalism of being a Graland teacher. As uncanny as I would say that is now that I am a parent of a Graland student, I yearn to sustain traditions. Yet, this 6th grade year was truly transformative to me uncovering my grace and strength in an environment where I was one of a kind. He was one of a kind.

In speaking with Mr. Frame recently, he recalled that even for faculty and staff, Graland was a family school. "I believe that’s part of what makes it so special." “Graland will always be my launchpad [...] my references came from Ms. Smith and Ms. Scott.”

I recall a similar connection I also shared with Ms. Scott, the librarian because she cared for me as if I was her own. However, it was Mr. Frame that made my experience then so amazing now to remember. He was also like family, he kept me grounded yet pushed me to dive deeper into the intricacies of human thoughts, actions, and behaviors. He made me fearless. He made me accept my power as a Black woman in a white world. Mr. Frame helped us develop a better understanding of who we are, where we come from, and how we should define our future.

Find Your Roots, Find yourself, Find each other - These messages were imbedded in Mr. Frame's classroom and teaching. They were the context of our educational experience.

Mr. Frame's most memorable experience: The Southwest trip where Marshall Wallach fell down the kiva on Kelly Place at the Canyon of the Ancients. “I have never seen a class come together so well and support one another like that.

Thank you, Mr. Frame, for being you and accepting every student for who they are.

Graland Country Day School

Graland Country Day School is a private school in Denver, Colorado, serving students in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. Founded in Denver in 1927, Graland incorporates a rich, experiential learning approach in a traditional classroom setting, emphasizing the development of globally and socially conscious leaders who excel academically.