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Grade 2: Role Playing at the Burrito Bar

Second-grade Spanish learners eagerly engaged in role-playing while practicing their pronunciation and conversation skills during a mini-unit on restaurants. Students acted as the servers and customers at a popular burrito bar to practice food vocabulary; later they labeled their dish and sampled Mexican sodas to complete the lesson.
Señoras Christi James and Kelly Viseur both conducted the activity with their second-grade classes, allowing students to both “prep the food” -- tear colorful tissue paper -- and serve the food (“Salsa?” “Frijoles?”). Students also took turns being the customers, answering “Si, por favor” or “No, gracias” as they moved down the line of paper ingredients. In the end, they held a foil square with a paper tortilla and assorted “toppings” like queso, crema and arroz. Bueno!

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Graland Country Day School

Graland Country Day School is a private school in Denver, Colorado, serving students in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. Founded in Denver in 1924, Graland incorporates a rich, experiential learning approach in a traditional classroom setting, emphasizing the development of globally and socially conscious leaders who excel academically.