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Grade 6: Book Analysis

Small groups of English literature students in Ms. Emily Siskind’s class discussed young adult books and considered topics like conflict, perspective, and point of view. They wrapped up their book clubs with an assignment to describe their own reactions and thoughts about key moments in their text.
Janie Riley was struck by a portion of “Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World” when June shares a poem with her friend Ivy. The poem, about a glass girl, reflects the character’s self-awareness. “I think it’s about June and how fragile she is like glass,” shares Janie. “She talks about drawing the girl with lots of cracks. June has so much going on in her life and her overprotective mom doesn’t help. June just wants things to go back to how they were before her parents were divorced and before she moved away from California. She is like a puzzle completed and then thrown back in the box, shaken around, and then tried to be completed with two pieces lost under the couch that can’t be reached.”
Another book club read “Holes” and William Rohan focused on the part when Stanley runs away from Camp Green Lake and into the desert to search for his close friend, Zero. “Stanley is a pretty great friend. After all, he ran away from Camp Green Lake and into the hot dry desert with no food or water just to find Zero in the off chance that he is still alive. This is a life-threatening decision for Stanley that leaves a very little chance that he survives. This really shows that Stanley cares for Zero.”
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