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Grade 8: World Language from A (Animals) to P (Professions)

In Marielle Bruant-Carlson’s Grade 8 French class, students wrapped up a unit on animals in March. They started with a review of vocabulary they had learned earlier and added new species. Students learned fun facts about animals and answered questions like “What animal sleeps the most?” in French, of course.
As part of the unit, students learned about Guillaume Apollinaire, a French writer, poet and playwright, who invented the calligram, or in French calligramme. Ms. Bruant-Carlson challenged each student to choose an animal, write about it, then create a calligram, a design that uses the words to form the shape of the animal.
Meanwhile, in Grade 8 Spanish in Rocio Zeiler’s class, the vocabulary has been focused on professions. One assignment was for students to post a job application. Another was to create a personal vision board, imagining what they would look like at age 30 and what they had accomplished in their lives to that point, using no words. Then, each presented their board to the class in Spanish.
Students were also challenged to write about their ideal profession. One student wrote that her ideal job would be living in Italy with her dogs and working as a forensic scientist. Another dreamt of being a pastry chef, while another set their sights on being a professional skier before transitioning into the role of orthopedic surgeon. That’s thinking ahead!

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