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ECLC: A Sweet Lesson on Bees

If you are looking to learn more about bee-ing kind to bees - look no further than Grade 5 Science Teacher Andy Dodge and Grade 5 Math Teacher Meggan Dodge. 
While Mr. and Mrs. Dodge may primarily teach math and science, they also double as Graland's very own beekeeping experts! For this reason, preschool and prekindergarten students were buzzing with excitement when they got to attend a presentation on bees in the Allon Quad with Mr. and Mrs. Dodge. 

During the lesson, the students learned about the lifecycle of a bee, examined a real hive, and discovered the tools used to extract honey. Mr. Dodge even brought in his beekeeper suit and tried on the hat for the students - veil and all! 

The ECLC students were shocked to hear that queen bees can lay up to 4,000 eggs per day and that the color and flavor of honey is determined by its nectar source. The Dodges also shared their best tip on avoiding bee stings, which is to always remain calm when a bee is nearby. 

At the end of the presentation, Mr. Dodge told the students that he collected over 30 gallons of honey from his beehives last year. To their excitement, the preschoolers and prekindergarteners even got to sample some! 

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