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Class Notes and Alumni News

Congratulations, Ms. Naughton and Mrs. Lassiter: Graland Retirees & Master Teachers!

Molly Johnson, Communications Manager
Graland would like to congratulate two very special educators and Graland Master Teachers, Ms. Cathy (Kosal) Naughton and Mrs. Annie Lassiter, on their retirements! The Graland community has learned so much from each of them over the years and will miss their presence in the classroom and on campus. Please continue reading below to learn about their contributions over the years as well as what they are looking forward to most in their retirement. 
Ms. Cathy (Kosal) Naughton - Art Teacher (45 Years of Service)
In 1977, Ms. Naughton was hired to teach Graland students what she loves most - art. Since then, she has made a tremendous impact establishing the foundation of the school’s art curriculum as well as starting the Permanent Art Collection - a Graland tradition that began during the 1977-78 school year. When looking back on her career, Ms. Naughton is proud that she was able to spend her time pursuing her passions while inspiring students along the way. “I have been so fortunate to have a creative profession and to watch students embrace art,” Ms. Naughton said. “I hear from many former students who have gone on to have a career in art or continue to draw or paint as an extension of their art experience at Graland.” In her upcoming free time, Ms. Naughton shared that she is looking forward to visiting friends, traveling in her new teardrop trailer, going to Europe, gardening, painting, playing tennis, riding her bike, and being ready for any exciting opportunities that may arise. Congratulations, Ms. Naughton! 

Mrs. Annie Lassiter - Math Teacher (22 Years of Service)
Middle School Math Teacher Annie Lassiter originally began her time at Graland in 1990. While she left the school in 1999, Mrs. Lassiter returned in 2009 and has been teaching Middle School math ever since. According to Mrs. Lassiter, her greatest legacy at Graland is “sharing her passion for math and helping every student realize that they have what it takes to be a mathematician.” In addition to teaching, Mrs. Lassiter also loved spending time with students in knitting club and as a field hockey, tennis, lacrosse, and volleyball coach. Her favorite moments, however, will always be the times that she got to watch her students accomplish tasks they never thought they could do, such as the ropes course at La Foret or figuring out a math concept. During her retirement, Mrs. Lassiter shared that she is excited to use geometry to pursue arts and crafts, algebra to prepare beverages, and simple addition and subtraction to continue tutoring some beloved students. Congratulations, Mrs. Lassiter!

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