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Class Notes and Alumni News

Alumni Finding Meaning and Sharing Their Expertise

The Graland Alumni Board’s Networking Committee recently held a virtual panel on entrepreneurship. Graland thanks the alumni below who volunteered their time and shared their expertise and professional purpose with fellow alumni and other members of the school community.
Georgia Grey ‘05
Holistic Health Coach (INHC) Whole Body Healing Nutrition
I started Whole Body Healing Nutrition with one purpose in mind: to help people. After healing from debilitating Lyme Disease and autoimmune conditions, I knew I needed to teach others how to do the same through food and self-care. It’s an honor to guide people through their pain, show them how to eat, take care of themselves, and get their life back. Whenever entrepreneurship feels challenging, I try to bring myself back to the question, “Who can I serve today?” which reminds me of my purpose: helping others. 
Madi Rifkin ‘12
CEO and Co-Founder of Mount
Mount is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company in the hospitality industry. This company is the result of a journey that I might say originated back when I was a Graland student presenting in the Gates Program. Mount closed its first institutional round of financing in November and I’ve been coaching other female founders on running an effective fundraising campaign ever since. Currently, less than 2% of all venture financing goes to female founders, so beyond the purpose I find in my own company, I’m also hoping that by doing, learning, and then passing on my entrepreneurial and fundraising knowledge, I can help move that statistic in the right direction. 
Daniel Louis ‘00
Founder of Revampt Goods
Local. Sustainable. Reclaimed. is our company motto and these words illustrate purpose for myself, my children and our future. Revampt was born from an incredibly impactful experience I had with a non-profit building homes for an impoverished community in the Four Corners region. There, I learned the value of leveraging and giving new life to items that no longer served their purpose. Since founding the company, we have shifted approaches and, most recently, focused on partnering with and lifting up local craftspeople who use reclaimed and sustainable materials.

Graland Country Day School

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