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Grade 4: Let’s Ride! (Bike Hike)

For many, the Bike Hike is a core memory during a student's fourth-grade year at Graland. This year, the ride(s) took place September 19-22, with four groups of students and educators completing a 13-mile round trip ride from the Four Mile House to Confluence Park in Downtown Denver using the Cherry Creek Trail.
While the Bike Hike sounds like a purely physical activity, some might not know that the ride includes various educational and team-building activities along the way. According to Grade 4 team lead Ms. Courtney Menk, "The activities that students complete during the Bike Hike change each year based on what we are learning in the classroom. For example, this year, the fourth graders drew sketches of various buildings taking note of perspective, and depth, learned about historic Denver landmarks, and played a fun baseball-inspired math game to complement what we are learning in art, history, and math." 

In addition to the educational components of the Bike Hike, students and chaperones participate in various team-building exercises to strengthen relationships, enjoy time with one another, and connect with new classmates. For Ms. Menk, it is the combined educational and bonding experience of this activity that she hopes provides lasting takeaways for her students. "Every year, I hope that the Bike Hike teaches fourth graders about the incredible place they live in and allows them to get to know their classmates better and maybe even make new friends. I also love seeing the sense of accomplishment students feel when they set a big goal and complete it," Ms. Menk said. 

When reflecting on the experience, Ms. Menk shared that it has been particularly special to teach students whose parents have fond memories of going on the Grade 4 Bike Hike when they were students!

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