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Grade 3: Life Zones Empathy Challenge

Every year in Grade 3, students study life zones in a comprehensive unit that includes a memorable hike up Chief Mountain and a diorama project that showcases a region of choice. This year, as an added element to the unit, third graders explored life zones through an empathy lens during Tinker Time by designing an invention that would help an animal in their chosen life zone. Continue reading below to learn how the third graders completed this challenge!
Step One: Research
During Tinker Time with Mrs. Leddy, students separated into groups based on which life zone they selected. They were tasked with choosing an animal to help that lives in their life zone. Utilizing the vast resources available to them in the Graland Library, the third graders used iPads, various educational sites, and books to learn about their animal's challenges. As the students found new information, they recorded it for future use. 
Step Two: Discussion
After completing the project's research phase, the third graders discussed the hardships their animals face and brainstormed possible solutions. Finally, after everyone shared an idea, the group voted on which solution to turn into a prototype in the Gates Lab.
Step Three: Building Inventions & Presenting Them
During their time in the Gates Lab, each group brought their solutions to life using any materials they chose. To close out the project, each group put together a presentation and shared their creations with the class. Check out their final solutions!

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