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Grades 7 and 8: Gates Invention & Innovation Expo

We hope everyone got a chance to check out the fantastic projects featured at the 2023 Gates Invention and Innovation Expo on Thursday, March 9. Several students who participated in the Expo were excited to share their thoughts on the experience and what they learned.
"I participated in the Gates Expo because I like making things, and as a diabetic, I have many things I can do to improve my diabetes management. So I connected both things to make something to improve my life and others. During the process, I learned that even if something works during one class period, it might not work the next, so you need to be flexible and keep trying." - Jessie H., Grade 7 (Co-Inventor of Noti-Light, Awarded First Place/Patent Nod With Partner Sam M.) 

“I participated in the Gates Expo due to my desire to be an engineer when I grow up, and I wanted to see what it was like to create an invention. During this process, I learned that you will fail a lot, but it's always important to get back up and try again, even if it requires additional greenlight meetings or invention designs." - Bodie J., Grade 7 (Inventor of the Easy Seat)

"I participated in the Gates Expo because I have a strong passion for engineering and creating. The Gates Innovation and Invention Program was the best way for me to follow that passion. From the Gates process, I learned that nothing comes as easy as you might expect, and there will always be challenges along the way. However, those challenges almost always have a solution if you just put in enough effort." - William R., Grade 8 (Co-Inventor of Scoop and Salt 2.0, Awarded Second Place With Partner Aiden F.)

"I participated in the Gates Expo because the coaches make the entire experience. Bonding with them is by far one of the most memorable experiences. I also really wanted to use the wall of tools in the Gates Lab! During this process, I learned that your final product is not always perfect, and that is okay. This is one of the few times in my life where I have been okay with something not being perfect. The Gates program was one of the most amazing parts of my Graland experience, and I am so lucky to have been a part of it." - Everett G., Grade 8 (Inventor of Easy Cleat)

After two days of presentations, this year's winners & finalists were announced. Congratulations to all of our inventors! To view the photos from the event, click here. To learn more about the students' inventions, visit graland.org/GatesExpo23.

5th/6th Division
Plantish - Ella B. and Claire I. (1st Place)
Bio-De-Puck - Cat and Caroline M. (2nd Place)
The Free Fall - Dennis C. (3rd Place)
The N.P. Ankle Boot - Jackson T. and Luis D.
Puke Pouch - Lexi F. and Charlie F.
Safe-To Pan - Laine F. and Olivia M.
Telescoping Lacrosse Stick - Archer P.
Plus Stand - Hazel P and Korina V.
7th/8th Division
Noti-Light - Jessie H. and Sam M. (1st Place and Patent Nod)
Scoop and Salt 2.0 - Aiden F. and Will R. (2nd Place)
Screen Saver - Kaden S. (3rd Place)
Easy Seat - Bodie J.
Pulpinator - Henry C.
Smart Time - Bea W. and Sophia G.


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