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Grade 1: Surveying Cherry Creek North

As part of their new social studies unit, Grade 1 students have been learning all about businesses.
By the end of the year, some of the first graders’ key takeaways will include:  
  • Running a business requires time, supplies, funding, and knowledge. 
  • Running a business is a team effort with many key players.
  • The economic market has different roles, including producers, consumers, and investors.
  • Business owners research their local community to understand their needs and wants.
With a goal of students eventually "opening and running" their own business at school, first graders went on a field trip to Cherry Creek North to learn from local businesses and consumers. Upon their arrival, students split into groups and visited various locations, including Starbucks, Heaven Ice Cream, The Brass Bed, The Cherry Cricket, and Orange Theory, to collect survey responses from employees and customers about their wants and needs. When the students arrived on the scene, you could tell that all their practicing and hard work at school paid off! They bravely approached adults at each business, confidently delivered speeches and collected information, and were excited to find more people to take their survey. If you ask a first grader, they will tell you that they hope to see a bookstore, a pet daycare, a candy store, or a water park added to the neighborhood in the near future. Fantastic job, first-grade entrepreneurs! 

Graland Country Day School

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