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Grade 3 and Grade 7: Graland Buddies Take On Thanksgiving Day Parade and Robots

Kat Diez Canseco
This November, Grade 3 and Grade 7 students embarked on an exciting project that blended technology, creativity, and Thanksgiving tradition. In the spirit of cultivating a culture of belonging, Graland's Grade 7 buddy program lent the Grade 3 class a helping hand in creating Thanksgiving Parade Floats.
Students gathered in the Gates Lab to showcase their artistic flair as they designed and built their parade float balloons with vibrant colors and designs. The round bases of the floats were designed to attach to a Sphero robot. Sphero’s are programmable robots that help kids learn fundamental STEM concepts through play-based learning and educational STEM activities. These young innovators were not just creating static floats; they were crafting dynamic, moving masterpieces.
Through this project, the innovation team has embraced the opportunity to integrate coding in a unique and festive way. After completing their floats with their buddies, Grade 3 students, armed with iPads and a passion for exploration, delved into the realms of robotics and coding to infuse a technological twist into the age-old tradition of Thanksgiving Day parades. The library and Gates Lab became a hub of excitement and learning as the young minds absorbed the principles of coding using Sphero robots. Grade 3 students transformed into tech-savvy engineers, programming the Sphero robots to maneuver and navigate the paths of their miniaturized parade routes. The library buzzed with excitement as the robots came to life, gliding beneath the floating balloons, each movement a testament to the students' coding abilities. The project not only showcased the students' technical skills but also emphasized the importance of collaboration and problem-solving. As they encountered challenges in coding, the young minds worked together, exchanging ideas and strategies to overcome obstacles. 

The Thanksgiving Parade Float project at Graland highlights the school's commitment to providing a well-rounded education that nurtures creativity, innovation, and technological literacy. By integrating coding into a project rooted in tradition, students not only gained valuable technical skills but also developed a deep appreciation for the intersection of technology and creativity. Great job Grade 3 on all your hard work, and a special thanks to Grade 7 for being the best buddies!

Graland Country Day School

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