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Grade 2: Come With Me to Guatemala!

When you walked into Grade 2 Spanish Teacher Señora James' classroom this month, you were greeted by a colorful display of Guatemalan culture everywhere you turned, as well as engaged second graders who couldn't wait to tell you all that they had learned, accomplished, and discovered. 
To kick off the unit, second graders were introduced to Guatemala by learning about its geographical location, what its flag looks like, and more. Students then dove deep into Guatemalan culture by learning about the people, activities, and traditions that make it so special. In conjunction with the work the second graders are doing to prepare for their Biography Expo in May, students heard the story of Rigoberta Menchu Tum and her legacy as a Guatemalan peacemaker and Noble Peace Prize recipient. As an interactive element, the second graders learned an "una tortilla" chant and a song about planting corn before getting to actually make their own masa and tortillas in class! In addition, second graders learned about the Guatemalan tradition of weaving and even got to try it for themselves. This activity also included a special song to help the students practice saying their colors in Spanish. As one of the final activities of the unit, every second grader performed the "una tortilla" chant for Señora James and was awarded a special Guatemalan friendship bracelet upon completion. But it wasn't just any friendship bracelet! From now on, when someone notices the students' new bracelets, Señora James encourages them to thank that person for noticing and share something they learned from their "travels" to Guatemala in Spanish class. Never lose your curiosity, Grade 2 explorers! 

From the Experts…
Q: "What was your favorite thing you learned during this lesson?"

A: "My favorite thing I learned about was that Rigoberta is a changemaker." - Penelope G.
A: "My favorite thing I learned is that Rigoberta Menchu [at the time] was the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize." - Aria J. 
A: My favorite thing I learned was the chant about tortillas." - Benny S. 
A: "My favorite thing we learned was how to make tortillas." - Hadley M. 
A: "I thought it was cool to learn what you need to use to make tortillas." - Ezzard G.

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