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Grade 2: Shining a Spotlight on Society’s Changemakers (Bio Expo)

Every May, as the school year comes to a close, students get the chance to showcase what they have learned and how they have grown through culminating events such as the Grade 2 Biography Expo.
This year's event, a cherished tradition by many, not only showcased the exceptional talents and dedication of our second graders and their teachers but also highlighted the impressive evolution of the Bio Expo throughout the years.

Over the years, students in the second grade have embraced the project's theme of "Changemakers," which gives them the opportunity to research an individual from the past or present who has made a significant impact on society. The Bio Expo event, which took place on May 16, not only provided a platform for the second graders to display their hard work but also encouraged them to showcase their passion for these notable figures, which was evident in every aspect of their presentations. From visually captivating posters and dioramas to well-crafted written components, such as paragraphs, poems, and captions, the student's creativity and hard work shone through.

Moreover, the incorporation of multimedia elements, including QR codes linking to a website designed by the students themselves, added a modern twist to the timeless tradition. In addition, the students created inventions in the Gates Innovation Lab to assist their changemakers and crafted symbolic shields in art class as a representation of their chosen figures. Throughout the showcase, it was clear that these young learners had not only gained a wealth of knowledge about their changemakers, but had also grown personally and academically through the process.

As the Graland community gathered to celebrate the second grade students, the guiding principles of the school were evident throughout every aspect of the project. Students demonstrated critical thinking skills, integrity, leadership, and compassion, while also embracing their individuality, perseverance, and a sense of innovation. It was an inspiring and proud moment for all in attendance. Congratulations, Grade 2 changemakers!

Graland Country Day School

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