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ECLC: Buzzing With Excitement (Insect Unit)

Students in Graland's preschool class have been buzzing with excitement throughout their unit on insects this month. To kick off the segment, students in Ms. Flansburg's class discussed what they already knew about insects and what they were curious about. If you ask a preschooler about something they learned in this unit, they will tell you that many insects are not actually considered bugs. 
During their discussions, the students learned that insects have six legs and three body parts. They then had the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a fun and interactive way. They were divided into groups of three and tasked with creating their own insects, complete with a head, a thorax, an abdomen, and six little legs. This hands-on activity not only reinforced their learning but also sparked their creativity. 
In addition to this exercise, students sang and danced to songs about insects, read insect books, made insects out of model clay, and even listened to a bee presentation from Grade 5 teachers Meggan and Andy Dodge about their experience as beekeepers. The preschoolers even witnessed the incredible process of caterpillars metamorphosing into butterflies right in their own classroom! Never stop investigating the world around you, ECLC!

Graland Country Day School

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