In one posting, you read the names of all the Heads of School. Since Josh will be leaving as Head of Middle School in June, I thought it might be fun to make another list.
Alas, this list becomes more complicated, for many of the division heads of whom I speak were Head of the Upper School, not Head of the Middle School. The Upper School of my youth at Graland was grades seven-nine; later, grades six to nine. One day there was no ninth grade, but the fifth grade moved here. Oh, and then we changed the name to -- surprise! -- Middle School. For purposes of space, I am simplifying the story to the max. You will have to wait for the 100th anniversary of the school for the full story. No, I shall not be writing that story! Tom Rice will do that.
First, there was the title, Head of the Junior High School. Arthur Kent served in that position from 1950-1965. Glen Ballard (1965-67) assumed that position when Mr. Kent accepted the position as Assistant Headmaster. Joseph Labaree succeeded Mr. Ballard in 1967. In 1971, the school began using the title of Head of Upper School. According to Mrs. Gorham’s book, Gary Toothaker was the first Head of Upper School.
That list will follow in another posting; another goal will be to compile a complete list of other division heads -- the pleasures of research.

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