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Another list came to mind as I was attending a Middle School meeting yesterday afternoon with John Faubert and Rhys Brennan, our consultants from Carney Sandoe. The “talking points” raised by colleagues and these gentlemen were often perceptive and refreshingly honest.
As I was meandering to my nook at the local Barnes and Noble -- my usual thirty minute walk to BN lasted more than hour -- I contemplated not only the winds of change but also my past. Some wonderful memories abounded. Also, I reminded myself, “There is nothing permanent except change.” Something to be said for suffering through Philosophy 101. The quote somes from Heraclitus, the “all is flux” guy.
Herewith, as we focus on the future, a list that may elicit a smile or two from the seasoned veterans:
In a previous posting, Gary Toothaker had been appointed Head of the Upper School. After Gary Toothaker left in 1973, Mr. Comfort appointed August “Tuck” Ganzenmuller as Head of the Upper School. Tuck was my first division head.
Here is a list of the division heads with whom I worked from 1976-2016:
  1. Tuck Ganzenmuller
  2. Tim Johnson
  3. Charles Elbot
  4. Tony Gerlicz
  5. Terry Bonn
  6. Stan Stockdale
  7. Dan Cohen
  8. Josh Cobb
  9. Marti Champion  
The interim division heads were Ben Duke, John Comfort, Lynn Hawthorne, and Jane Phillips. Yes, I have worked for thirteen division heads.

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