In  the archival display in the Corkins Center is a large scrapbook that contains letters written by former students to Georgia Nelson when she retired. In fact, there is a second book of letters in the archives. Reading these letters was a wonderful glimpse into Miss Nelson’s thirty-four years at Graland School. By the way, my favorite letter is on display-- a letter written by Mr. Gates.
Here are five excerpts from the letters:
Your very presence lent such a gentle atmosphere of joy in learning, wisdom, and pure enjoyment in life. Such surroundings provide any child with a youth of peace on which to base a life of usefulness and service.
--Nancy Gorham Carraway
I am sure that Graland will retain much of its early charm, and I am very glad to have been a small smart of the era of . . . Indians, festooned bicycles, and bold knights. Mr. Shaw once said, “Youth is so grand it’s a shame it has to be wasted on the young, “ but I’m sure mine was well spent.  
--Timothy Wirth
Recently, I came across my seventh grade notebook. It was both an amusing and a disconcerting experience. Though I all but failed to absorb any mathematics, grammar, or history that year,  I do believe it represented the first step toward an English major. I remember the first toward an English major. I remember your infinite presence with an inveterate daydreamer.
-- Cynthia Rippey Catron
Time will never erase our fond remembrance of you and Graland School. You were truly a guiding star to all of us.
-- Ruth Waring Halpenny
Learning to express myself in writing opened up a world I am still discovering. The joy of participating in theatrical events that the class wrote, designed, and performed is still most vivid.
--John Wirth

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