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The last of Mrs. Gorham’s thoughts on the school’s Special Days:
“The culminating activity of the year was the history pageant or play. Each class presented a moment in time from the history of a country studied during the year. The presentation was always given outside on the front steps -- that is the east facade of the Georgia Nelson building. One year, as part of the fifth-grade tableau, the Shafroth children held a tournament, since they could ride their own horses. They had carefully practiced which knight would be unseated, how to fall, and how to manage the lance so that neither rider would be injured. Dressed in medieval costumes, with helmet visors closed and banners flying, each knight galloped across the turf toward the other, creating a believable joust. This kind of performance was typical of the end of year offering to parents.
“Constantly, various classes gave assemblies based upon their daily classwork, these programs ranged from simple plays or poems to ambitious operettas, often written by the children when or work or study was finished, and never twice the same.
“Indeed, there was always something to look forward to, week after week. . . Teachers with the children were free to test their ideas, always under George Nelson’s watchful eye as she judged the quality of learning. Her stimulating suggestions and genuine appreciation of worthy efforts made all work rewarding in such an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.“

Graland Country Day School

Graland Country Day School is a private school in Denver, Colorado, serving students in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. Founded in Denver in 1924, Graland incorporates a rich, experiential learning approach in a traditional classroom setting, emphasizing the development of globally and socially conscious leaders who excel academically.