This week a few sixth graders asked me how old I was when they heard some seventh graders wishing me a happy birthday. Of course, the question one might expect from children is the typical one -- How old are you?  When I told them my age -- just in case, there is a mandatory retirement age at the school, I shall not divulge that large number; the next question was, “How long have you been a teacher at Graland?”
The second question had me thinking about teachers and staff who had served thirty years or more at Graland School. A trip to the Master Teachers’ Wall was in order.
Here is a list of teachers who worked at Graland School for more than thirty years:
  1. Ruth Gorham- 62 years. This dear woman taught here for 49.5 years and returned part-time to begin organizing the archives and communicating with our alumni. For me, she symbolizes the spirit of this school. Alas, I never met some of the other legends on this list.
  2. Genevieve Jones- 45 years
  3. Nancy Nye Priest- 44 years. Her hello always made my day.
  4. Chet Preisser- 43 years. What a wonderful man!
  5. Philip W Hickey- 41 years (includes this school year
  6. Robert Romero-39 years 
  7. Cathy Naughton- 37 years (includes this school year
  8. Jackie Wylde-37 years (includes this school year)
  9. Georgia Nelson- 37 years. There is an eighth grader at this school who once asked me after a presentations to one of the east K classes, whether I had worked with Georgia Nelson. I laughed, of course. I wish I had worked for this remarkable woman.
  10. Barbara Kobler Nunn- 37 years
  11. Nadine Miller-35 years
  12. Andrean Andrus-35 years (includes this school year)
  13. Inara Humeyumptewa- 34 years
  14. Ray Eslinger- 34 years I shall never forget Ray. Such a kind man. During one Christmas vacation, he built a wall- to-wall bookcase in my classroom so that I could store all my grammar and mythology papers.
  15. Ludmila Glasscock- 34 years.  I loved sharing mysteries with her.
  16. Lucile Hobelman-34 years
  17. Debbie Cuerden- 34 years
  18. Tom Rice- 34 years
  19. Katie Dodge-32 years
  20. Kay Hanson-32 years
  21. Dick Kinney-30 years
  22. Parthenia Williams - 30 years (as of 2018-2019)  
  23. Todd O'Malley- 30 years (as of 2018-2019)
You will be learning more about these people as I continue my series on our Master Teachers.
It is such a pleasure for me see my name on this list. Soon, some dear colleagues will be tricenarians and will join this list.

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