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All of you know Robert Romero, for he remains a presence on this campus, the essence of kindness and professionalism many of us should envy. With the announcement of Robert’s retirement, I decided on a theme for this month: Master Teachers who came to Graland in the 1970’s/1980’s. Of course, along the way, thinking about colleagues, past and present, will result in a digression or two. Welcome to the world of the peripatetic Phil.

Back to the “institution” named Robert -- even though some of us still think of him as Bobby. He has been a member of our Graland family since September 1977. Tributes to this wonderful man will come later, but Kevin Plummer ‘82, also a former member of our faculty, penned these words for our first Master Teachers’ reception in 1998:

“Robert Romero transcends the simple definition of teacher and coach: he is a mentor and architect of young people. He has seized the forum of education to teach beyond the classroom. He is the master and the craftsman of all that is truly important: class, dignity, respect, honesty, perseverance, dedication, teamwork, discipline, honor, and love.

“Quick to deflect praise, Robert has modeled humility for his students. His legacy to Graland will certainly be his excellent coaching and teaching. But more important, it will be the lives he has touched, the memories of which he was a part, and the fact he put children first and was willing to do whatever it took to make them the best people they could be.”

Well said, Kevin!  

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