Georgia Nelson/ Part One

There are three pictures of Miss Nelson in the Georgia Nelson building -- that’s how important she was to the history of the school! There are two framed pictures on the Master Teachers’  Wall and one rather elegant portrait.

Here is an excerpt from Ben Duke’s speech given in Miss Nelson’s honor at the Master Teachers’ Reception in 1998:

“For generations of Graland students, Graland’s founding headmistress represented the heart and soul of the school. Every day that I came to school until Miss Nelson retired, she greeted all of the Graland students as we reached the top of the steps. She came to our classes; she read to us, and we read to her; she substituted when our regular teachers were gone; she always seemed to know just what we were studying and how to teach us.

“Miss Nelson was a demanding teacher. She expected the best from each student. But she also recognized that the best from one student was not necessarily the best from another. Continually, each of us had to strive to do the best we could. For Miss Nelson, the most important part of an education for children was for children to understand how to learn, and more important, how to love to learn.

“Those of us who benefited from a Graland education left the place knowing we could learn and knowing there is a special joy in learning. This joy is the legacy of Georgia Nelson. And in all of Graland teachers, a bit of Georgia Nelson lives on, and they share it with their students every day.”

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