Here is an excerpt from Mr.Teitelman’s “A Salute to Graland’s Past” which closed the text of Mrs Gorham’s book.

Mike Teitelman, was Graland’s fourth Head of School** when we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the school in 1977. He is/was an amazing man.

“It is clear that the strongest thread at Graland has been a deep concern for each child, a loving and caring, that has not changed. . . Another strong tie between our past and future is the challenging, lively academic program of the school. In these fifty years, schools have seen walls come and go, affective education with more traditional approaches, and . . . the back to basics reaction. Yet, through it all, Graland School has maintained its focus on challenge for children, stretching their hearts and minds (and) expecting from each child the full measure of his/her competencies.

“It is apparent from what we read of the early days of the school that Graland has always had an easy balance between hands-on learning and fine, traditional classroom work. Graland has been steadily and steadfastly on course, unbuffeted by the winds of vogue. These enduring threads-- concern for each child and stimulating, demanding academic challenge -- will be the warp and the woof of our future fabric, as they have been in the past.”

“Each year, with joy tinged with sadness, our graduates leave the school. But they do not forget their years at Graland. We see them at the Christmas Pageant; we note their frequent visits to old friends on the faculty. And best of all, we find those living in Denver eager to enroll their own children in the school. These returning graduates are living proof of the ties that bind, of a faith that those associated with Graland will continue the fine work of those people whose names fill this book.”


**The title Headmaster was dropped a few years ago.

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