I restrict my memory of science to the Gates Science building which was my favorite building at the school. My first visit to the building found me in the science office, which at that time was Jeff Corwin’s office, a former solarium, I believe. Of course, the usual smells of science were always in residence, especially during those wonderful times students gleefully dissected creatures small and smaller.

Time for Mrs. Gorham to take center stage:

“At first, a University of Colorado student, Miss Elizabeth David, taught third grade and conducted informal science classes throughout the school, but there was no science department until Miss Nelson persuaded two science professors from the University of Denver, Dr. Rueben Gustavson and Dr. Joyce Stearns, to come to Graland once a week to give science lectures and demonstrations to children.

“Mr. Carl Melzer taught seventh grade, in addition to chemistry and astronomy. Dr. Theodore Puck and Dr. Kempe  later (in the 50’s) also gave valuable courses. Tom Waring, and in very cramped quarters, Charles Stevens taught science for many years. In 1961, the Gates Foundation gave Graland the science building. . . At last, Graland had a laboratory and space for the students to work. Mr. Gilbert Erbisch came on a science teaching fellowship in 1962, and science became a serious part of the curriculum. Today, Jeff Corwin and his team carry on the Graland ideal to encourage and sustain the child’s own interest in (the) natural world and to teach skills to promote. . . scientific study.

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