I was digging through boxes in the archives looking for some materials that alumni might enjoy for the Alumni Reunion in May. Lo and behold, I found one of the sixth-grade science reports written by Nalini Philipose ‘84 Anand. Therefore, it is fitting as I look at my to-do list for this evening that the sixth-grade trip and Mr. McKenna are one of my scribblings for school history this evening.

Now that I have exhausted Mrs. Gorham’s testimonial to the first fifty years of the school, I must rely on our second scribe, Rosemary Fetter, for the quotes that matter. “The sixth grade fall science trip is also considered a significant milestone for Graland children. For their first extended school trip (four days and three nights), students explore the Glacier Basin, studying flora and fauna, mountain waters, and the high territory above the treeline.”

Many alumni will recall -- with a smile, I hope-- climbing Challenger Peak to plant the class flag that defined the theme and the goals of the trip and on the final day the early morning ascent to “capture” the flag as they end their trip at Camp Cheley.

Kevin Preblud ‘78 remembered the trip as “. . . tough, a real challenge physically. When we got back we had a huge paper due, at least twenty pages. Because Jack was so popular, everyone wanted to please him. I imagine many Graland parents still have those reports.”

Over the years, the trip has been modified. I shall leave that story to the man/woman who writes the next Graland book.

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